Who We Help

Who do we work best with?

We work best with motivated business owners of small, medium and large service based firms New Zealand wide, who have the following problems

– You know more people would do business with you if they just knew you were
– You want people to think of your business before your competitors
– You spend a considerable amount on marketing activities, but aren’t getting measurable results
– You want to use your digital presence as a way to generate new leads
– You want to clearly demonstrate and articulate your value proposition, and position yourself as an expert in the marketplace

At Digital Influence, we help companies just like yours to create interesting, relevant and specific social media marketing campaigns, that your customers will engage with. We will help you leverage your social media marketing to maximum effect, ultimately increasing sales and driving more revenue into your business.

We use specific targeting methods to ensure your message is reaching your exact, ideal target audience, and work with you to deliver a great offer to get them into your sales funnel; and then retarget them, allowing you to get your message in front of prospective customers several times, maximising exposure and ensuring your company stays top of mind.

Facebook advertising is highly targetable, and highly measurable- we can instantaneously measure, review and revise your advertising, to ensure we are delivering the best possible results unique to your campaign.

To put it bluntly; we know the problems with traditional forms of advertising. We know it can be really difficult it to target your exact client, to measure your results, and most importantly to know your return on investment. That’s where we step in- we deliver highly targeted campaigns, with measurable results, and you can see exactly where your investment is going and what the return on this is for you.