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Two Key Things To Be Successful At Marketing


Back in 1999, a mentor gave me two tips about marketing.

I’ve shared both tips in this short video.

Crazy to think 20 years later, those two tips allow me and my team to help businesses get amazing results with their marketing.

In fact just last week I meet with three clients with the following results.

Client 1 – has had their biggest month in sales July 19 since August 18 and the good news is we only started working with them on the 3rd of June 19.

Client 2 – just had a 402% increase in sales from the previous year.

Client 3 – we’ve helped grow from a 10% market share to over 40+% market share and have now overtaken their biggest competitor.

Make no mistake in marketing; success leaves clues.

If you’d like help with your marketing book in a call with Scott here at https://go.oncehub.com/scott20

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Mr Got It Vs. Mr Ain't Got It


Hi guys Scott here.

I thought I’d create a little video for you today. And I’m going to, what I believe are basically the five most important questions when it comes from advertising and marketing your business and then I’m going go through this .. I call this Mr. ain’t got it and Mr. got it. So I’m going to actually pull this all together and do some examples so you can see how this works for your business.

So I’m going to loop back to this near the end of the video so you want to stay and watch all of this video.

Here’s the five most important questions to ask.

Okay, number one is, I’ll just turn the pen on. Number one is who. Okay. This is probably a good start for most businesses who is it that you want to do business with, right. So you need to have a list of people that who you want to do business with.

I was dealing with a guy who’s a leadership coach the other day. And basically, he was kind of wanting to do business...

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3% Triangle – The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes


Hi guys. Scott here. I’ve got a really cool video for you today, and it’s based off this book called The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes. Now, Chet unfortunately passed away. But he’s left his wisdom in this book, and I really love page 64. And I’m going to go through this with you. And show you a couple of things of how you can actually use it to your advantage in your business.

Now, we have a philosophy in our business called influence through education. We really believe if you influence people on the value of doing business with you, before you ask for any money, you get a better client, you get a better educated client, and this is what this process is all about. And this is what Chet was talking about.

So here’s the thing. Chet, in his book, talks about this triangle, right? And basically at any one time in any market, there’s really only 3% of people looking to buy at that time. So if you have 1000 people looking for cars, only 3% of...

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It’s The Buying Season | Digital Marketing Tips


Scott Wilson here from Digital Influence.

Hey, did you know?

You probably know, because you’ve seen the ads already, it’s buying the season.

This is the one time of year where we get to make offers, and I want to show you a quick slide. This is the demand generation.

Basically, in his book, The Ultimate Sales Machine, Chet Holmes, the late Chet Holmes, he said in any one time, these are 3% of the market are looking to buy.

So, 3% of the market are buying. 7% are open to buying and looking. But not actively looking. Then there’s a whole bunch of this market down here that are not really doing anything.

Now, ideally, if you’re doing smart marketing, you’re targeting this percentage of the marketplace. Throughout the year you want to be sending your money here, marketing to these people, because they’re gonna come through and buy here.

A lot of people are trying to advertise to people here, okay? It’s an expensive time to advertise.


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Consistency When Marketing Your Business is Key in 2019.


Now let’s be upfront I suck at making 4ft putts and here’s proof.

In this video, you’ll see why it’s lucky for our private clients that I chose marketing as a profession and not golf ‍.

Also in this video, you will learn:

* The hole in one syndrome and why it’s dangerous for your business from a sales and marketing point of view.

* The C Word – this could be the number one reason why your marketing and advertising efforts fail.

* What you want to leverage to stay top of mind with people that can and want to buy your products.

* The common factor behind our most successful clients.

After you’ve watched this video and you’d like some more help then go here to book in a 20-minute call with me right here >> https://meetme.so/scott20

Have fun and take action.


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3 Key Marketing Takeaways To Grow Your Business


Here are three key takeaways. I want you to write them down. I’ve been doing sales and marketing for 26 years. When I sold my search engine optimization business, I sat down, did nothing for a year and a bit, and wanted to figure out what I’ve learned about digital marketing for business.

Number one is this, your marketplace obscurity.

The biggest killer of your business is the fact that your marketplace does not know who you are.

Sadly most businesses think their marketplace is everyone. You need to get out of obscurity with your marketplace.

Sadly most businesses are like this. Who knows who that guy is? Where’s Wally? Most businesses are like Where’s Wally, they get lost in the noise of what’s going on out there. You must get out of obscurity.

Number two is you must stay top of mind.

If you want customers to do business with you, you must stay top of mind. You must leverage technology because here’s what happens, people go, do I know you? When...

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CASE STUDY: Building Digital Databases



In this case study, I want to show you how we’re helping our clients build digital databases.

I will show you how they grow their sales using Messenger marketing and building of digital databases.

As I said, my name’s Scott Wilson, and I’m head of digital and sales strategy, and I’m also the founder of Digital Influence.

In this video, I’m going to show you how you can simplify your marketing and grow your business.

The key focus of this video and this report is about building a digital database.

This is one of the most important things as a business you can do in 2018 and beyond.

I’m going to take you through a piece of technology and a case study where we’ve done this for our clients.



This is one of our clients. This is Richard Till from Richard’s Real Kitchen. Richard sells basically a food service where he’ll cook for you Monday through Wednesday, and he does fresh and frozen meals.

To start the campaign...

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Hidden Assets In Your Business



This morning I was driving to work, and I saw a brand new Audi S8, and I really love the Audi car. I drive one myself, and I looked at that car and man, that’s the next car that I want to get. It’s a beautiful looking car.

Anyway, I was driving down the road and I’ve been to the gym this morning, okay? My side mirrors actually were a bit foggy from being at the gym and the back mirror and stuff, so I put the back demister on and that sort of stuff, and my side mirrors were like real fogged up, right?

I was like, you know what. I bet you the Audi S8 has that feature where you can just push a button, and they demist. I was like man; I really want that in my next car. In fact, I’m going to make sure I get that. Then I look down at mine where my toggle is for the side mirrors, and I was like hang on, I’ve got that feature. Push the button, next minute, a minute later my side mirrors are mist free.

It made me think how often in business even do we...

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Podcasting On The Piss



I’ve got a great video for you, it’s called Podcasting On The Piss. Just came back from Digital Marketing Down Under, and I went to this bar.

This guy is doing some seriously cool things, and I want to share with you because I think it’s a way that you could market your business if you just think outside the square.

Now, warning, the audio on this video is a little rough, but here’s the thing. I want you to watch the video. It’s only about 30 seconds long, and then I want you to come back, and I’m going to give you ideas on how you can implement this in your business’s idea. This is a killer idea.

I’ve got a great video for you, it’s called Podcasting On The Piss. Just came back from Digital Marketing Down Under, and I went to this bar.

This guy is doing some seriously cool things, and I want to share with you because I think it’s a way that you could market your business if you just think outside the square.


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5 Things Your Marketing Should Include Right Now

[Webinar Replay] Free online training reveals... "How To Gain An Unfair Marketing Advantage In Your Business Right Now!"
Marketing Now - 5 Things Your Marketing Should Include Right Now
Here's what you'll learn on this webinar:
* Your GPS Strategy (Where you can WIN) - How to shift your marketing strategy, so your business wins right now by attracting people that want to do business with you.
* Results-Focused Messages - how to create clear results-focused messaging, so you cut through the noise of your competitors. Plus we will give you two proven copywriting formulas to model for your business's success.
* The Content Engine - How to create digital marketing content quickly and easily, so you know what to say and how to say it to attract new customers. This includes the eight types of content you or your marketing team should be creating right now.
* S & P Marketing System - A simple and profitable marketing system you can plug...
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