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Two Key Things To Be Successful At Marketing

Back in 1999, a mentor gave me two tips about marketing.

I’ve shared both tips in this short video.

Crazy to think 20 years later, those two tips allow me and my team to help businesses get amazing results with their marketing.

In fact just last week I meet with three clients with the following results.

Client 1 – has had their biggest month in sales July 19 since August 18 and the good news is we only started working with them on the 3rd of June 19.

Client 2 – just had a 402% increase in sales from the previous year.

Client 3 – we’ve helped grow from a 10% market share to over 40+% market share and have now overtaken their biggest competitor.

Make no mistake in marketing; success leaves clues.

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Mr Got It Vs. Mr Ain't Got It

Mr Got It Vs. Mr Ain’t Got It

Hi guys Scott here.

I thought I’d create a little video for you today. And I’m going to, what I believe are basically the five most important questions when it comes from advertising and marketing your business and then I’m going go through this .. I call this Mr. ain’t got it and Mr. got it. So I’m going to actually pull this all together and do some examples so you can see how this works for your business.

So I’m going to loop back to this near the end of the video so you want to stay and watch all of this video.

Here’s the five most important questions to ask.

Okay, number one is, I’ll just turn the pen on. Number one is who. Okay. This is probably a good start for most businesses who is it that you want to do business with, right. So you need to have a list of people that who you want to do business with.

I was dealing with a guy who’s a leadership coach the other day. And basically, he was kind of wanting to do business with everyone. And I was like mate, let’s be singly focused on who we want to do business with. We want to do business with CEO’s and business owners. The entrepreneurial type people. So we got real clear on his who.

I want you to do that as well. Who is your who and who do you want to do business with.

For us we want to do business with people that are thought leaders that are looking to put out video content. We have a framework that we can help them. So if you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, you want to get help with this, we’ll take you through this process.

The next question is what. What do they want. Okay.

So you’re dealing with a CEO, you’re a leadership, thought leader and you help CEO’s with leadership. What is it that they want, what is it that they are having struggles with etcetera. You need to go deep and figure out the problems that your what, or your who is having. What are their frustrations, what are their problems, what are their desires, you know. I know for a lot of entrepreneurs or business owner types, they want to free up time. They want to buy back their time and having good leadership in place allows them to do that.

So really get clear on your who, and then get clear on what they want. It’s really really really important.

The next question is how. Okay. How do they get it. Basically, how do you position yourself as the expert in the marketplace? This is where I’m gonna loop back to Mr. ain’t got it and Mr. got it and I’m gonna show you how you can use the IP in your head to position you as the expert because they are wanting to know how to do this, right? So I’m gonna show you how to do that.

The fourth question is basically their frustrations again, but it’s not in frustrations around what I was talking about before. This is the frustrations, the turn offs they have when they come in and they see marketing and advertising these days. There’s a lot of turnoffs happening in the marketplace that are frustrating people and if you’re using them in your marketing you’re going to be turning people off. You actually have to know what is turning your marketplace off. What is turning the people that you’re trying to attract, what is turning them off and frustrating them?

Now this is, not a lot of people are talking about this and I’m not going to go into a huge amount of detail here, but this could be the thing that changes your marketing because you could be turning people off in your marketing and you don’t even know it. Because you haven’t gone deep into their frustrations.

And finally, this is the most important one. Demonstrate to be true. The most important one. What do you need to demonstrate to be true in order for people to want to do business with you?

I’ve got a lot of feedback recently around videos that we’re creating, etcetera etcetera. Now, here’s the thing, I don’t want to talk at you. I want to educate you, I want to demonstrate that there’s value here, right? And I think you need to do the same. Because there’s too many people I see creating videos and content etcetera and running advertising that’s talking to people. They actually need to demonstrate stuff to be true because that then positions you as the expert, okay?

Now to do that you want to use a framework like this. Okay, so I’m gonna go back to Mr. ain’t got it. Okay. Now when we work with our clients we basically get a whole list of stuff on him. We go through what are all the problems for this guy. And we have a list or stuff. Now, this guy generally has a lot of problems, right, and he needs help. So this way, he wants to get over here to Mr. got it. This guy has got everything, right? He’s got it. This guy wants it.

So what do we need to demonstrate? Let’s say you’re a builder, okay, you’re a building company and you want to sell your services. What are the people over here, what are some of the frustrations they have with builders?

Okay, one could be pricing and being pricing on time. So that could be a problem that these people, when they’re looking for a builder, they see that as a real problem.

Another one would be trust. And so you end up working up what are your core bits of content that you’re going to share and give away for free, value in advance, so Mr. ain’t got it starts seeing … and sees you as someone who they can trust. And they start to up belief because you’re demonstrating.

So this now becomes video content, becomes posts, it becomes advertising. Now, you can use this content and put it out in front of people. You can use the system that I showed you the other day around video and actually how to create this content. This content builds on this content, builds on this content, most people aren’t doing this stuff guys. Most people are just saying stuff, they’re not showing and demonstrating stuff to be true, okay? You could, as a builder you could be doing this on site, you know, create a video using the tools and stuff that you’ve got and show how your pricing model works and show how things are happening. This is being more creative, right?

So, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to think about your clients and I want you to think about who they are and their frustrations, what’s annoying them, what are the problems they have. And then I want you to future pace yourself, hey if I was, if I had everything that I needed, what would be the content between that would position you as the expert.

Guys, I hope you enjoyed this video. There’s a lot more to this framework. If you want to know, if you want to have a strategy session, let’s at least have a 20 minute chat first because there’s a lot more to this framework and there’s a lot more questions and there’s a lot more things that we go through. But the first protocol is let’s have a 20 minute chat. So under this video there’s a link. Book in a time, let’s have a chat and let’s see if we can get this system working for you and your business. Because here’s the thing, a lot of people are sitting over here. You want your clients over here positioning you as the expert. So book a call, and I look forward to talking to you really really soon.

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Have fun and take action.


3% Triangle

3% Triangle – The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes

Hi guys. Scott here. I’ve got a really cool video for you today, and it’s based off this book called The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes. Now, Chet unfortunately passed away. But he’s left his wisdom in this book, and I really love page 64. And I’m going to go through this with you. And show you a couple of things of how you can actually use it to your advantage in your business.

Now, we have a philosophy in our business called influence through education. We really believe if you influence people on the value of doing business with you, before you ask for any money, you get a better client, you get a better educated client, and this is what this process is all about. And this is what Chet was talking about.

So here’s the thing. Chet, in his book, talks about this triangle, right? And basically at any one time in any market, there’s really only 3% of people looking to buy at that time. So if you have 1000 people looking for cars, only 3% of that market are actually buying. There’s a whole bunch of other people down in here. And he breaks this down. And I’m not going to go into too much detail into that. But what I want you to know is in here, there’s a bunch of people that are going to be buying. But right now they’re not. So, you need to educate this part of the marketplace into wanting to be doing business with you.

And how do you do that? Well, video is a great way to do it. We have a framework that we use and help our clients. Basically create three bits of core content, or three core messages that you can use again, and again, and again. Because here’s the thing. Our three bits of content are basically, we know that business owners are struggling to know what to say when it comes to using video. So we actually help them get their core messages out, so you actually have those core messages that you can share. So what to say is one of the things. So we’ll talk about that, that’s why we’re creating this type of videos.

Then it’s how to say it in a way that’s impactful. So we actually help them say, and show them how to educate and entertain through their videos. And then our third pillar is we basically know how to get the video seen. There’s no point creating this content if no one’s seeing it, right? So you want to create three core messages. And then you can create a bunch of videos under those core messages that educate this part of the marketplace. Because here’s the thing. 3% here are looking to buy now. It’s the most expensive people to advertise to.

Now if you use the video marketing system that I talked about the other day, where you have a video here and you can follow up, follow up, follow up based on this assumption that people are watching, you can move people up here really, really quickly. Because you move people there that are just looking and thinking about stuff into becoming buying. You position yourself as the expert. That’s what Chet was talking about in his book.

So if you want to have a look at how the frameworks that we’ve got, and actually how we help our clients, know what to say, how to say, and get it seen, I want you to book a strategy call with me. Okay? It’s free. It’s 20 minutes. Let’s see if there’s something in there that we can help you. I’ll give you some value in advance, and then you can decide if you want to take the next step. Alright? Under this video there’s a link. Click on it, book in a time, and I look forward to talking to you really, really soon.

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Have fun and take action.



Consistency Always Wins When Marketing Your Business

Consistency When Marketing Your Business is Key in 2019.

Now let’s be upfront I suck at making 4ft  putts and here’s proof. 🤣😂

In this video, you’ll see why it’s lucky for our private clients that I chose marketing as a profession and not golf 🏌️‍♂️.

Also in this video, you will learn:

* The hole in one syndrome and why it’s dangerous for your business from a sales and marketing point of view.

* The C Word – this could be the number one reason why your marketing and advertising efforts fail.

* What you want to leverage to stay top of mind with people that can and want to buy your products.

* The common factor behind our most successful clients.

After you’ve watched this video and you’d like some more help then go here to book in a 20-minute call with me right here >>

Have fun and take action.



It’s The Buying Season | Digital Marketing Tips


Scott Wilson here from Digital Influence.

Hey, did you know?

You probably know, because you’ve seen the ads already, it’s buying the season.

This is the one time of year where we get to make offers, and I want to show you a quick slide. This is the demand generation.

Basically, in his book, The Ultimate Sales Machine, Chet Holmes, the late Chet Holmes, he said in any one time, these are 3% of the market are looking to buy.

So, 3% of the market are buying. 7% are open to buying and looking. But not actively looking. Then there’s a whole bunch of this market down here that are not really doing anything.

Now, ideally, if you’re doing smart marketing, you’re targeting this percentage of the marketplace. Throughout the year you want to be sending your money here, marketing to these people, because they’re gonna come through and buy here.

A lot of people are trying to advertise to people here, okay? It’s an expensive time to advertise.

But here’s the thing. This is the one time of year it gets flipped on its head. The buying season is here, and here’s the thing. Right now it gets flipped, so now more percentage of the marketplace have money to spend, and here are some interesting stats that came out of a survey that I was looking at recently by CPC Strategy.

Basically, here’s when we shop. We’re shopping in October. We’re starting to shop, 20% of shoppers start early, in October.

But here’s the kicker. 49% of shoppers start shopping in November. That’s where we are right now. Now, if you’re a bloke like me, here’s your step. Your step is 24% of shoppers start, say they start shopping in December. Guys, it’s the buying season.

I’ve got some tips for you because I want you to win when it comes to buying the season. I’ve got five real fast tips that I want to help you implement in your business. These are actionable, and you can use them.

Number one is you need to start using buying mode phrases, or buying mode calls to action. Here’s what I mean by that. Right now in your ads, you want to be direct. You want to start using words like get, shop now, buy now, send message.

People are in a buying mode. This is the one time of year they are conditioned to buy. So, start using them.

Stop using your learn more, click, discover, sign up. Use those in January, February, March. Now, though, this is November and December. You want to start using these in your ads because people are conditioned to buy, and you want them to buy from you.

We’re using a lot of send message, as you can see in this example here. We’ve got 81 messages at $2.81 a message. Okay? People are in a buying mode. This sits into a funnel. People buy.

Number two is you want to look at your mobile. Everything is mobile, mobile, mobile. 2016, 2017 we saw a massive increase with Facebook and Instagram.

People, this is singles days. Massive in China. Black Friday, small business Saturday, Cyber Monday.

All these are increasing numbers that come out of Facebook and Instagram of people that are buying through mobile. Conversions happening through mobile. You want to make sure that your website and everything is mobile ready.

You must look at your numbers, look at your numbers on mobile, more people on mobile. Nearly half. We could definitely revenue here coming through mobile. Look at your numbers in your analytics.

If you haven’t got analytics set up, you need to have it set up. Look at these numbers. Make sure you’re investing in mobile. Make sure you know what’s happening in mobile.

You need to action these three things. Make sure your website is optimised for mobile traffic. It astounds me how many people still don’t optimise for mobile traffic. This is a game changer. Right now, you’ve seen the stats.

More people are looking at mobile, so serve them what they want.

When you’re looking at your ads, and you’re running ads on Instagram, ads on Google, ads on Facebook, you want to be optimising the ad sets so that they’re optimised for mobile, okay?

Ensure you’ve got the creative that is optimised towards mobile. Ensure you’re using shorter copy, things like that, that will help your clients engage with you and buy from you.

Also, I’m gonna talk about this in a minute. You want to leverage paid video content, paid video content is where you can win and be retargeting with ads.

Mobile, mobile, mobile in the buying season.

Here’s another thing you want to be optimising for in the buying season. You want to be using video, and you want to be building audiences.

Here’s what I mean by that. This is a massive opportunity, okay? We’ve got a bike here. It’s an electric bike put out by Avanti.

They’ve missed a massive opportunity here. This video’s been up for seven months. Here’s what you can do. You can put a video up onto Facebook, onto Instagram. You can optimise it for video views when someone consumes that video, you can then put them into an audience.

It’s called consumption based tagging.

If someone watches 100% of this 30-second video, you can then put an offer to them in their newsfeed, and only the people that watched 100% of that video can do that. It’s called consumption based tagging.

It’s a free setup.

You can use it on Facebook and Instagram. What you needed to go is go into creating a custom audience, choose the video option, and you can create audiences from people that are watching your content.

Now, this is such an excellent way to target people that are interested. Remember, people are buying now. They’ll be looking for bikes. They’ll be looking for a lot of stuff right now. If you’ve got some video content they can consume, you can then put an offer to them in their newsfeed.

Here’s the cool thing.

You can target people that have watched three seconds, 10 seconds, 25%, 50%, 75%, 95%, up to 100% of your video and then send them an offer in their newsfeed so you can retarget them back in the newsfeed with the offers. This is technology that is available to you right now. You need to use it. That’s tip number three.

Tip number four is relatively similar but is remarketing and targeting. I’m so surprised how many people aren’t utilising the Facebook pixel, the Google pixel, the LinkedIn pixel. There’s just so many ways you can do this. Create a Facebook pixel, and you can create audiences off the pixel and off your page. You can build these audiences that we’re building up.

Page interaction, there’s 34,000, 51,000, 72,000 and website traffic in the last 90 days. We can send these people messages.

This is the time of year where the cost per clicks go up, the cost per CPMs go up. You must make sure you’re retargeting because then you can market to these people February, March, April, May.

Not only take advantage of where you are now, [inaudible 00:06:36], but you can sell to them later, again and again.

You want to be using the Google one as well and obviously, LinkedIn has one as well. Then make them offers in the newsfeed if they don’t buy from you straight away. You can make them offers in the newsfeed.

Number five, and it’s probably the biggest, is you need now to be building a digital database. This is a massive opportunity to use software to grow digital databases so you can communicate with people again and again and again.

One of the critical things to do right now, people are in celebration mode. People love celebrating at this time of year, so run events where people are celebrating.

We did this recently for Rowdy Kitchen, a customer of ours, they had a champagne tasting. Look at the engagement on this sort of stuff. 52 comments, 34 comments. People want to be involved and here’s the cool thing.

We’re messaging. We’re building a digital database for the client.

They had a goal of booking this out. They had 50 people at $45 per person. It booked out at 66 people paid.

Advertising spend was $52. They booked it out in 36 hours, plus they created a waiting list of people that can buy from them again and again and again, will probably come in at Christmastime for their Christmas, et cetera.

This is the time of year where people are starting to spend money. You want to create campaigns that can get you in front of those people. Remember, the buying cycle has flipped.

Here’s the thing. I want to set you up for this strategy in 2018, 2019. If you think this video’s been of value, then contact us. Here’s what we need to do.

Just send us a message by Facebook, by Messenger, use that code there, send us a message, and we’d love to have a chat with you. We’ll give you the option to do a strategy session with us — no pressure.

We just want to help more people take advantage of technology and take advantage of buying the season. It’s here. It’s coming. You might as well get your share.

Have fun. Take action, and talk to you soon.

Marketing Results

Starting to see some good marketing results and conversion data coming through across some of our clients’ accounts.

We are also integrating the power of messaging marketing with online application forms that filter highly qualified prospects.

Here are some numbers so far.

Ad Spend: $1328.89

Application Submitted: 43

Cost per App: $30.90

Conversion Rate on Application Submitted so far 12% – 4 new clients at a potential profit of $120,000.

Plus, from the 43 applications, the client still has another 12 people they are working with, so more sales are expected 😉

While this is a small test so far, it does show you the power of split testing and tracking the completed lead/sales journey.

Podcasting On The Piss


I’ve got a great video for you, it’s called Podcasting On The Piss. Just came back from Digital Marketing Down Under, and I went to this bar.

This guy is doing some seriously cool things, and I want to share with you because I think it’s a way that you could market your business if you just think outside the square.

Now, warning, the audio on this video is a little rough, but here’s the thing. I want you to watch the video. It’s only about 30 seconds long, and then I want you to come back, and I’m going to give you ideas on how you can implement this in your business’s idea. This is a killer idea.

I’ve got a great video for you, it’s called Podcasting On The Piss. Just came back from Digital Marketing Down Under, and I went to this bar.

This guy is doing some seriously cool things, and I want to share with you because I think it’s a way that you could market your business if you just think outside the square.

Now, warning, the audio on this video is a little rough, but here’s the thing. I want you to watch the video. It’s only about 30 seconds long, and then I want you to come back, and I’m going to give you ideas on how you can implement this in your business’s idea.

This is a killer idea.

What a genius idea.

So, when you’re looking at ideas in your business, sometimes you just need to do stuff that’s totally different. And this is what this guy, Denan Kemp, done. He’s got a couple of podcasts but Bloke in a Bar, and he shoots it from the bar. Genius idea.

Love it, and sometimes you just need to look outside your industry and find things that you can do.

What a cool idea, right?

Podcasting on the Piss. Here’s the thing. How many bars do you know, and how many restaurants do you know that are using this?

Right, none, right?

But the question is how could you use this in your business? How can you use something that is totally different to bring in another crowd into your business? So let’s say you’re a furniture store for a start.

You could be doing this, and you could bring interior designers in, different fabric designers in, different painting supplies all that type of stuff.

You bring those people in you’d be podcasting or talking on video and that allows you to bring in their audience as well.

What about an appliance store, if you own an appliance store you could be doing tech updates. That’d be a great one. You know the latest tech, and you’d be updating people on what they could do.

Home improvements, if you’re a home improvement supplier. Like I’m not a 10 or anything like that. You could be interviewing builders that type of stuff. There are so many options you could do.

What about a bike store? You know, electric bikes are huge right now. You know, and you’ve got a great market of different people that are wanting to ride them different places.

So you could interview people about the best places to ride electric bikes. Even if it’s a normal bike, you know, tours.

So, that’d be a great idea,

What about a law firm. This’d be killer for a law firm. You could set it up, and you could do videos, and you could basically become the expert when it comes to home buying. You know, for new home buyers.

You know, you could give them a whole heap of tips.

Gyms would be a good one. Gyms, it would be a good one for gyms. Like, you could do supplements, review supplements, training tips all that type of stuff. So you could set that up inside your business.

Boating, boats would be a great one. You know, like places to go boating. You could do the weather report and stuff. There are so many ideas and ways you could wrap this around and create it in your business.

Sometimes it’s about thinking outside the square just like the Bloke in the Bar, Denan Kemp, done. You don’t actually have to be an NRL rugby player to do this. This is something that you could do.

You could model the success that he’s done here and implement this in your business. So, hey, if you want to have a chat, if you want to have a discussion on some ideas how you could grow your business using something similar then, hey, message me.

Send me a message, and I’m more than happy to sit down and have a conversation on how we could map something out.

How we could use our framework at 1 Page Marketing Framework and also our attraction strategies to actually grow your business. So, hope you enjoyed that video.

Have fun.

Talk to you really, really soon.

Digital Marketing For Business

Digital Marketing For Business


3 Key Marketing Takeaways To Grow Your Business



Here are three key takeaways. I want you to write them down. I’ve been doing sales and marketing for 26 years. When I sold my search engine optimization business, I sat down, did nothing for a year and a bit, and wanted to figure out what I’ve learned about digital marketing for business.

Number one is this, your marketplace obscurity.

The biggest killer of your business is the fact that your marketplace does not know who you are.

Sadly most businesses think their marketplace is everyone. You need to get out of obscurity with your marketplace.

Sadly most businesses are like this. Who knows who that guy is? Where’s Wally? Most businesses are like Where’s Wally, they get lost in the noise of what’s going on out there. You must get out of obscurity.

Number two is you must stay top of mind.

If you want customers to do business with you, you must stay top of mind. You must leverage technology because here’s what happens, people go, do I know you? When they go to buy or they go to book, they don’t book with you, why? Because you’re not front of mind.

Social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, are beautiful platforms for you to stay top of mind and leverage technology, I’ll share how you can do that. The most successful businesses we deal with have two things.

They have consistency in their marketing, okay?

They have consistency in their message, so they present their message to the right market using the right media, and they have frequency.

Most people quit too soon when it comes to marketing their business.

Okay, here’s something I really want you to own, if I say the word soft drink, you say?



If I say the word takeaways, you say?


You have McDonald’s, some said fish and chips, I like that. If I say heel pain, you say?

Yeah. What should people be saying?

Your business. Heel pain, you need to own the mindshare and the keywords that your business relates to.

So if you fix knee pain, if you fix heel pain … I was talking to, I think it was Simon last night, you need to own the keywords for your area. It was either Simon or Richard or Roger, Heel Pain St. Luke’s.

When people think of heel pain, you need to be the business right?
How much do you think Coca-Cola and McDonald’s have spent to own your mindshare? Billions right?

They did this all before social media. Is that correct? Yeah. But, straight away everyone here when I said soft drink, said Coca-Cola.

So I want you to leave today knowing that you can own this, you can own a series of keywords and grab mindshare for your business, using these platforms.

What an opportunity, right? This has not been around before.

Number three is you must expose your value.

You all wanna take a guess what I mean by that? No? See everyone in this room has a mountain of knowledge inside their head.

Whether you think you do or not, everyone has a mountain of knowledge inside their head.

You need to expose some of that value in advance of people doing business with you, I’ll teach you a way on how to do that soon.

Here’s the thing, if people aren’t doing business with you, your top of mind, you’re out of obscurity, your top of mind, and they’re not doing business with you, it’s because they don’t think you can help them.

They don’t know if you actually have any value to them, they don’t actually know or think that you can actually help them solve their problems.

There’s a massive reason why this happens, and I’ll share that in the next coming slides, why it happens and it’s the way you’re marketing your business, as to why it happens, but people know you but they’re not sure that you can help them, okay?

So I want to challenge you, everyone in the room, to actually use some of this knowledge in here and put it in front of people.

Because people aren’t sure, they’re not sure and they might go to a competitor because that positions themselves better with the mindshare.

What’s people’s priority these days? Do you think it’s time or do you think it’s money?


Time, combination? Yeah. If I’ve got more money can I buy more time?


What do you mean, no?

I can hire more staff, right? It’s time though for a lot of people it’s time. Their number one priority is time.

So if I was gonna deal with someone, knowing that my number one priority is time, do I want to deal with an expert or a generalist? An expert, correct.

CASE STUDY: Building Digital Databases


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CASE STUDY: Building Digital Databases

In this case study, I want to show you how we’re helping our clients build digital databases.

I will show you how they grow their sales using Messenger marketing and building of digital databases.

As I said, my name’s Scott Wilson, and I’m head of digital and sales strategy, and I’m also the founder of Digital Influence.

In this video, I’m going to show you how you can simplify your marketing and grow your business.

The key focus of this video and this report is about building a digital database.

This is one of the most important things as a business you can do in 2018 and beyond.

I’m going to take you through a piece of technology and a case study where we’ve done this for our clients.



This is one of our clients. This is Richard Till from Richard’s Real Kitchen. Richard sells basically a food service where he’ll cook for you Monday through Wednesday, and he does fresh and frozen meals.

To start the campaign Richard created this video, and what we’re doing is, we’re giving value in advance.


Back in April 2017 this is the first time we ran a campaign like this, and people, Richard is a celebrity chef, and people love his recipes. What we did is, we gave away a recipe, his favourite beef rendang recipe.


People who wanted that would comment on the post, “Richard,” and we’d reply to them via Messenger.

Here’s what happened. Trevor thought, “Hey, I’d love to request the recipe.” so he replied “Beef,” and then we’d basically tell him, “Hey, here’s a recipe. Hope you enjoy it.


By the way, it’s permanently on our frozen menu, so if you feel like you want to have it in the future, but you don’t want to cook it, let Richard cook it for you,” and we had a link to his menu.


We ran this campaign for him and spent some money to promote it. There’s a few twists and improvements now that we’ve learned that get bigger reach now, but we reached over 13,000 people, 205 comments, and now we get over, we get a lot more comments and a lot more reach, but in that one, it went really well.


We built a database for him, so you see in here in 2017 went from zero active Messenger subscribers to over 500. Now, this has grown, and grown, and grown.


Not only do we get the people joining the databases, but we also started getting more traffic to his website, and people started ordering, so people started ordering the beef rendang and other dished as well.


They started ordering different things that … A lot of these people had never actually heard of Richard before. They started commenting.



Here’s another person Mandy. She commented on the 20th.

She ordered on the 21st so that you can see there $104, and the famous beef rendang was ordered as well.

Not only that, though, Mandy also gave a five-star review on Facebook on the 24th.

A 4-day customer journey from not knowing Richard’s business to ordering, becoming a customer and becoming a promoter of Richard’s business.


This is the power of the internet and using good technology to build databases for your business.


The good news is, lightning strikes twice.


We ran this campaign pretty much exactly the same. We’ve run a number of different campaigns now for Richard, because we can segment the audience etc but for this campaign, we ran the same video as above.


Once again people are coming on and commenting. This is now the 17th of May 2018. We had a bit of a twist on this one, but we used the same video.


Once again, people, “Hey, thanks for requesting the beef rendang recipe.”

People got it, and then people started ordering. People started, new people … People that had never seen Richard before started ordering.

Then we added a twist in. We decided to ask people to join a weekly messenger database for Richard’s meals because Richard cooks meals every week,


“Hey, do you want to join our database?


Would you like to get this menu and the opportunity to buy every week?”


People were subscribing saying, “Yes.” Now, here’s the coolest thing about that. This is the way marketing has changed. We’ve given people the opportunity to say, “Yes, they want it.”


We’re not trying to push stuff on people that they don’t want. We’re giving people value in advance, and then we’re asking, “Hey, would they like more value by being able to get that information straight to their mobile phone and straight to their Messenger every week?”

As you can see below, they do, and they order.


New customers go from not knowing Richard a few days earlier, to now opting in and now ordering, it’s happening. When you present value, plus you give people offers to a database, you will make sales in the digital space.


There are too many people not offering value in advance. They’re not making offers, and they’re not building a database, and they’re wondering why their sales are not performing.


See, it’s all about adding value in advance. This is another one; this is another lady. She came in, never seen Richard before online, sees an ad, wants the recipe. Great. Gets the recipe.


“By the way, hey, would you like us to add you to the database? You’ll get that every week.” “Yes, please.” She’s got the power, not us, use the power and then orders. Okay?


Value In Advance + A Good Offer + A Database = SALES


You must get this right in 2018 beyond if you want to make sales in your business in a digital space. This is a must for you. You must build an asset now. This is a great opportunity.


There’s never been such an opportunity to use this technology. Hardly anyone knows about this technology when you’re using Messenger marketing and Messenger database. This is a great opportunity for you.


Here, so here’s the thing. We’ve done it in a number of different industries now.


We’ve done it in tyre, fitness, retail, restaurants, real estate, recruitment, service providers, broadband, automotive.


We’ve proven this works with generating sales for our clients, but I want to help you, so just like Richard who has best ever month, I want to actually help you do the same, so here’s the thing, and now it’s your time to take some action.


What I’m offering is for a limited time, we’re going to do 20-minute strategy sessions on how you could use this in your business. If you go to this link, you can book in a strategy session with me or my team.


It will be a 20-minute session on how you can use Messenger marketing, how can you use the assets you already have inside your business to grow your business using this technology?


Go here and book a time that suits you.

Click Here To Book A Strategy Session

Then we’ll have a conversation with you, and we’ll have it online. We’ll use a piece of software that we have on the internet to have a full 20-minute session with you on how we can help you improve your business because here’s the thing.


We believe you need to simplify your marketing if you want to grow your business.


Some of the technology we’re using is not that simple, but the way we’re setting it up and the way we’re putting it in front of people is simple.


If that sounds like something you want to do, I want you to take action because I want you to actually help you make more sales, so go to


And let’s have a chat with you about how we can grow your sales and give your business the boost it needs in 2018 and beyond.

Thanks for your time. Have a great day, and look forward to talking to you soon.

Scott Wilson

Hidden Assets In Your Business


This morning I was driving to work, and I saw a brand new Audi S8, and I really love the Audi car. I drive one myself, and I looked at that car and man, that’s the next car that I want to get. It’s a beautiful looking car.

Anyway, I was driving down the road and I’ve been to the gym this morning, okay? My side mirrors actually were a bit foggy from being at the gym and the back mirror and stuff, so I put the back demister on and that sort of stuff, and my side mirrors were like real fogged up, right?

I was like, you know what. I bet you the Audi S8 has that feature where you can just push a button, and they demist. I was like man; I really want that in my next car. In fact, I’m going to make sure I get that. Then I look down at mine where my toggle is for the side mirrors, and I was like hang on, I’ve got that feature. Push the button, next minute, a minute later my side mirrors are mist free.

It made me think how often in business even do we think I want that, I need that, or you think you haven’t got something, but you actually have it in your business.

That made me start thinking about … Look at the core pillars you really need in a business. You really need a really good strategy around people and culture.

You need a good financial strategy, and you need a really good sales and marketing strategy. I think a lot of businesses have some aspects of the sales and marketing strategy, but I think a lot of it is complicated.

We’ve been working on something called the One Page Marketing Map.

If you want a copy of it then comment below this video, and I’ll send you a copy because I think it might be able to help you unlock your hidden features and benefits inside your business.

Your hidden assets just like the side window demisters. Hey, that’s my takeaway from driving to work this morning.

Guys, I hope you’re well. Have fun, take action.

If you want a copy of my One Page Marketing Map, comment in the box below.

Cheers, have a great day.

Scott “Audi Lover” Wilson