3 Key Marketing Takeaways To Grow Your Business

Here are three key takeaways. I want you to write them down. I’ve been doing sales and marketing for 26 years. When I sold my search engine optimization business, I sat down, did nothing for a year and a bit, and wanted to figure out what I’ve learned about digital marketing for business.

Number one is this, your marketplace obscurity.

The biggest killer of your business is the fact that your marketplace does not know who you are.

Sadly most businesses think their marketplace is everyone. You need to get out of obscurity with your marketplace.

Sadly most businesses are like this. Who knows who that guy is? Where’s Wally? Most businesses are like Where’s Wally, they get lost in the noise of what’s going on out there. You must get out of obscurity.

Number two is you must stay top of mind.

If you want customers to do business with you, you must stay top of mind. You must leverage technology because here’s what happens, people go, do I know you? When they go to buy or they go to book, they don’t book with you, why? Because you’re not front of mind.

Social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, are beautiful platforms for you to stay top of mind and leverage technology, I’ll share how you can do that. The most successful businesses we deal with have two things.

They have consistency in their marketing, okay?

They have consistency in their message, so they present their message to the right market using the right media, and they have frequency.

Most people quit too soon when it comes to marketing their business.

Okay, here’s something I really want you to own, if I say the word soft drink, you say?



If I say the word takeaways, you say?


You have McDonald’s, some said fish and chips, I like that. If I say heel pain, you say?

Yeah. What should people be saying?

Your business. Heel pain, you need to own the mindshare and the keywords that your business relates to.

So if you fix knee pain, if you fix heel pain … I was talking to, I think it was Simon last night, you need to own the keywords for your area. It was either Simon or Richard or Roger, Heel Pain St. Luke’s.

When people think of heel pain, you need to be the business right?

How much do you think Coca-Cola and McDonald’s have spent to own your mindshare? Billions right?

They did this all before social media. Is that correct? Yeah. But, straight away everyone here when I said soft drink, said Coca-Cola.

So I want you to leave today knowing that you can own this, you can own a series of keywords and grab mindshare for your business, using these platforms.

What an opportunity, right? This has not been around before.

Number three is you must expose your value.

You all wanna take a guess what I mean by that? No? See everyone in this room has a mountain of knowledge inside their head.

Whether you think you do or not, everyone has a mountain of knowledge inside their head.

You need to expose some of that value in advance of people doing business with you, I’ll teach you a way on how to do that soon.

Here’s the thing, if people aren’t doing business with you, your top of mind, you’re out of obscurity, your top of mind, and they’re not doing business with you, it’s because they don’t think you can help them.

They don’t know if you actually have any value to them, they don’t actually know or think that you can actually help them solve their problems.

There’s a massive reason why this happens, and I’ll share that in the next coming slides, why it happens and it’s the way you’re marketing your business, as to why it happens, but people know you but they’re not sure that you can help them, okay?

So I want to challenge you, everyone in the room, to actually use some of this knowledge in here and put it in front of people.

Because people aren’t sure, they’re not sure and they might go to a competitor because that positions themselves better with the mindshare.

What’s people’s priority these days? Do you think it’s time or do you think it’s money?


Time, combination? Yeah. If I’ve got more money can I buy more time?


What do you mean, no?

I can hire more staff, right? It’s time though for a lot of people it’s time. Their number one priority is time.

So if I was gonna deal with someone, knowing that my number one priority is time, do I want to deal with an expert or a generalist? An expert, correct.



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