iOS 14 & Facebook - Aggregated Event Management

Things are changing very rapidly with the iOS14 rollout, & Facebook is proactively taking steps to plug 'The Privacy Gap'. As we have discussed, Apple’s policy will prohibit certain data collection & sharing unless people opt into tracking on iOS 14 devices via the prompt - not opt OUT of.

As more people choose to opt out of tracking on iOS 14 devices, ads personalisation & performance reporting will be limited for conversion events.

In response to these changes, Facebook will start processing pixel conversion events from iOS 14 devices using what they are calling Aggregated Event Measurement. This will support advertisers efforts to preserve user privacy & also ensure we run effective campaigns.

Aggregated Event Measurement limits domains to eight conversion events that can be used for campaign optimization. What we mean by this is when you the conversion event you select within your ad set when using the Conversions objective, so for example when running a campaign for a client, we might want to focus on Purchases, therefore we select Purchase as our conversion event.

Another client might be aiming to generate leads to follow up, therefore we might select Lead as our conversion event for that campaign.

There are currently 17 standard events available to select as your conversion event, & with the new changes, you will now only be able to select from eight events. Facebook will attempt to choose and rank your events for you, but you can (and likely should) edit this.

The list will start only with the current standard events Facebook finds on your website & you can remove & move events, & you can also add custom conversions. However it is really important that you do this ASAP, because after the roll out happens, if an advertiser changes one of the events, there will be a 3-day hold until they can run campaigns against the new event.

It is CRUCIAL you rank the events in order of what is most importance to your business. When a user opts out of iOS 14 tracking, Aggregated Event Measurement will come into effect & at that point, Facebook will only receive a user’s highest-ranked event in a given visit.

You can order your events any way you want, but for any ecommerce or online business we would definitely recommend that the Purchase event be the highest rank. It doesn't make a lot of sense for Facebook to receive a ViewContent event but not Purchase, for example, but this is exactly what would happen if you put ViewContent at the top of your list.

An example of how you might order it with standard events if you are an eCommerce or online business...

- Purchase
- Add Payment Info
- Initiate Checkout
- Add to Cart
- Lead
- Complete Registration
- Search
- View Content

But a law firm, an accountant, or any other service-based business might order those completely differently, that is why it is so important to be clear on your business goals & have a clear strategy when it comes to your marketing, because as previously said changes can & will result in your ad sets pausing.

However, if you want to use Value Optimisation that will take up four events by itself & some advertisers might not even be able to use this optimisation because of some new eligibility criteria.

Is Aggregated Event Management something you need a bit more help with? We get it - it can be pretty overwhelming and confusing! We can help. Get in touch re a Strategy Workshop & see how we can help you make sense of these changes & ensure you still win with your digital advertising.

Have a chat with us here https://growth.getdigitalinfluence.com/book-with-me


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