CASE STUDY: Building Digital Databases


In this case study, I want to show you how we’re helping our clients build digital databases.

I will show you how they grow their sales using Messenger marketing and building of digital databases.

As I said, my name’s Scott Wilson, and I’m head of digital and sales strategy, and I’m also the founder of Digital Influence.

In this video, I’m going to show you how you can simplify your marketing and grow your business.

The key focus of this video and this report is about building a digital database.

This is one of the most important things as a business you can do in 2018 and beyond.

I’m going to take you through a piece of technology and a case study where we’ve done this for our clients.



This is one of our clients. This is Richard Till from Richard’s Real Kitchen. Richard sells basically a food service where he’ll cook for you Monday through Wednesday, and he does fresh and frozen meals.

To start the campaign Richard created this video, and what we’re doing is, we’re giving value in advance. 

Back in April 2017 this is the first time we ran a campaign like this, and people, Richard is a celebrity chef, and people love his recipes. What we did is, we gave away a recipe, his favourite beef rendang recipe.


People who wanted that would comment on the post, “Richard,” and we’d reply to them via Messenger.

Here’s what happened. Trevor thought, “Hey, I’d love to request the recipe.” so he replied “Beef,” and then we’d basically tell him, “Hey, here’s a recipe. Hope you enjoy it.


By the way, it’s permanently on our frozen menu, so if you feel like you want to have it in the future, but you don’t want to cook it, let Richard cook it for you,” and we had a link to his menu.


We ran this campaign for him and spent some money to promote it. There’s a few twists and improvements now that we’ve learned that get bigger reach now, but we reached over 13,000 people, 205 comments, and now we get over, we get a lot more comments and a lot more reach, but in that one, it went really well.


We built a database for him, so you see in here in 2017 went from zero active Messenger subscribers to over 500. Now, this has grown, and grown, and grown.


Not only do we get the people joining the databases, but we also started getting more traffic to his website, and people started ordering, so people started ordering the beef rendang and other dished as well.


They started ordering different things that … A lot of these people had never actually heard of Richard before. They started commenting.



Here’s another person Mandy. She commented on the 20th.

She ordered on the 21st so that you can see there $104, and the famous beef rendang was ordered as well.

Not only that, though, Mandy also gave a five-star review on Facebook on the 24th.

A 4-day customer journey from not knowing Richard’s business to ordering, becoming a customer and becoming a promoter of Richard’s business.


This is the power of the internet and using good technology to build databases for your business.


The good news is, lightning strikes twice.


We ran this campaign pretty much exactly the same. We’ve run a number of different campaigns now for Richard, because we can segment the audience etc but for this campaign, we ran the same video as above.


Once again people are coming on and commenting. This is now the 17th of May 2018. We had a bit of a twist on this one, but we used the same video.


Once again, people, “Hey, thanks for requesting the beef rendang recipe.”

People got it, and then people started ordering. People started, new people … People that had never seen Richard before started ordering.

Then we added a twist in. We decided to ask people to join a weekly messenger database for Richard’s meals because Richard cooks meals every week,


“Hey, do you want to join our database?


Would you like to get this menu and the opportunity to buy every week?”



People were subscribing saying, “Yes.” Now, here’s the coolest thing about that. This is the way marketing has changed. We’ve given people the opportunity to say, “Yes, they want it.”


We’re not trying to push stuff on people that they don’t want. We’re giving people value in advance, and then we’re asking, “Hey, would they like more value by being able to get that information straight to their mobile phone and straight to their Messenger every week?”

As you can see below, they do, and they order.



New customers go from not knowing Richard a few days earlier, to now opting in and now ordering, it’s happening. When you present value, plus you give people offers to a database, you will make sales in the digital space.


There are too many people not offering value in advance. They’re not making offers, and they’re not building a database, and they’re wondering why their sales are not performing.


See, it’s all about adding value in advance. This is another one; this is another lady. She came in, never seen Richard before online, sees an ad, wants the recipe. Great. Gets the recipe.


“By the way, hey, would you like us to add you to the database? You’ll get that every week.” “Yes, please.” She’s got the power, not us, use the power and then orders. Okay?


Value In Advance + A Good Offer + A Database = SALES


You must get this right in 2018 beyond if you want to make sales in your business in a digital space. This is a must for you. You must build an asset now. This is a great opportunity.


There’s never been such an opportunity to use this technology. Hardly anyone knows about this technology when you’re using Messenger marketing and Messenger database. This is a great opportunity for you.


Here, so here’s the thing. We’ve done it in a number of different industries now.


We’ve done it in tyre, fitness, retail, restaurants, real estate, recruitment, service providers, broadband, automotive.


We’ve proven this works with generating sales for our clients, but I want to help you, so just like Richard who has best ever month, I want to actually help you do the same, so here’s the thing, and now it’s your time to take some action.


What I’m offering is for a limited time, we’re going to do 20-minute strategy sessions on how you could use this in your business. If you go to this link, you can book in a strategy session with me or my team.


It will be a 20-minute session on how you can use Messenger marketing, how can you use the assets you already have inside your business to grow your business using this technology?


Go here and book a time that suits you.


Then we’ll have a conversation with you, and we’ll have it online. We’ll use a piece of software that we have on the internet to have a full 20-minute session with you on how we can help you improve your business because here’s the thing.


We believe you need to simplify your marketing if you want to grow your business.


Some of the technology we’re using is not that simple, but the way we’re setting it up and the way we’re putting it in front of people is simple.


If that sounds like something you want to do, I want you to take action because I want you to actually help you make more sales, so go to https://meetme.so/Strategy45


And let’s have a chat with you about how we can grow your sales and give your business the boost it needs in 2018 and beyond.

Thanks for your time. Have a great day, and look forward to talking to you soon.

Scott Wilson


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