Hidden Assets In Your Business


This morning I was driving to work, and I saw a brand new Audi S8, and I really love the Audi car. I drive one myself, and I looked at that car and man, that’s the next car that I want to get. It’s a beautiful looking car.

Anyway, I was driving down the road and I’ve been to the gym this morning, okay? My side mirrors actually were a bit foggy from being at the gym and the back mirror and stuff, so I put the back demister on and that sort of stuff, and my side mirrors were like real fogged up, right?

I was like, you know what. I bet you the Audi S8 has that feature where you can just push a button, and they demist. I was like man; I really want that in my next car. In fact, I’m going to make sure I get that. Then I look down at mine where my toggle is for the side mirrors, and I was like hang on, I’ve got that feature. Push the button, next minute, a minute later my side mirrors are mist free.

It made me think how often in business even do we think I want that, I need that, or you think you haven’t got something, but you actually have it in your business.

That made me start thinking about … Look at the core pillars you really need in a business. You really need a really good strategy around people and culture.

You need a good financial strategy, and you need a really good sales and marketing strategy. I think a lot of businesses have some aspects of the sales and marketing strategy, but I think a lot of it is complicated.

We’ve been working on something called the One Page Marketing Map.

If you want a copy of it then comment below this video, and I’ll send you a copy because I think it might be able to help you unlock your hidden features and benefits inside your business.

Your hidden assets just like the side window demisters. Hey, that’s my takeaway from driving to work this morning.

Guys, I hope you’re well. Have fun, take action.

If you want a copy of my One Page Marketing Map, comment in the box below.

Cheers, have a great day.

Scott “Audi Lover” Wilson


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