iOS 14 & Facebook - What is the impact on advertising?

The Apple iOs 14 changes will have a large impact on both consumers & advertisers alike. We have been through what these changes will look like for consumers in our previous blog post, but what will they actually mean for advertisers?
Well, there are a number of things that will change for advertisers but Dan Levy, VP of Ads and Business Products for Facebook, believes the biggest impact will be on small businesses. Let's break these down into bullet points
- If Facebook is not able to track user behavior, the effectiveness of the tracking pixel & all of its implications is severely reduced. This results in inaccurate reporting for conversions all the way down to ineffective retargeting efforts.
- The new iOS 14 update will limit advertisers’ ability to measure the performance of campaigns on Facebook. The previous real-time reporting will no longer be supported & businesses could see a data delay of up to three days, which makes testing & measuring more difficult
- Targeting options will be weakened. That means your ability to create hyper-personalised ads to audiences may be hindered greatly. Levy believed that this loss of personalisation that could result in 60% fewer website sales from ads.
Facebook believe these changes will hurt small businesses & publishers who are already struggling in a pandemic. These changes will directly affect their ability to use their advertising budgets efficiently & effectively, & could lead to less growth for small businesess & more wasted spend for advertisers.
Levy also pointed out that Apple aren't actually playing by their own rules, as their own personalised ad platform isn't subject to the new iOS 14 policy.
This might sound all doom & gloom; but we promise it isn't! As one of our favourite marketers, Nicholas Kusmich put it 'the algorithm is the engine and the data collected is the fuel. The better quality fuel means a better running engine. If the fuel skewed, the engine can't run as well.'
But pixels haven't been around all that long & there have been plenty of changes to them in the past - we were advertising in 2015 when there were huge changes! But if advertisers sharpen their skills & focus on lead generation, pixels or not you can still achieve great results when you focus on building your own platform (not just relying on the platform itself) - remember it's Facebook's sandpit!
Facebook have come out with an update that outlines actions advertisers can take immediately to minimise the impact of these changes, & we will address these solutions in our next post.
If you're currently a bit lost and confused with all these changes happening - you're not alone! The great news is, we are more than happy to help. Get in touch re a Strategy Workshop & see how we can help you make sense of these changes & ensure you still win with your digital advertising.

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