Mr Got It Vs. Mr Ain't Got It

Hi guys Scott here.

I thought I’d create a little video for you today. And I’m going to, what I believe are basically the five most important questions when it comes from advertising and marketing your business and then I’m going go through this .. I call this Mr. ain’t got it and Mr. got it. So I’m going to actually pull this all together and do some examples so you can see how this works for your business.

So I’m going to loop back to this near the end of the video so you want to stay and watch all of this video.

Here’s the five most important questions to ask.

Okay, number one is, I’ll just turn the pen on. Number one is who. Okay. This is probably a good start for most businesses who is it that you want to do business with, right. So you need to have a list of people that who you want to do business with.

I was dealing with a guy who’s a leadership coach the other day. And basically, he was kind of wanting to do business with everyone. And I was like mate, let’s be singly focused on who we want to do business with. We want to do business with CEO’s and business owners. The entrepreneurial type people. So we got real clear on his who.

I want you to do that as well. Who is your who and who do you want to do business with.

For us we want to do business with people that are thought leaders that are looking to put out video content. We have a framework that we can help them. So if you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, you want to get help with this, we’ll take you through this process.

The next question is what. What do they want. Okay.

So you’re dealing with a CEO, you’re a leadership, thought leader and you help CEO’s with leadership. What is it that they want, what is it that they are having struggles with etcetera. You need to go deep and figure out the problems that your what, or your who is having. What are their frustrations, what are their problems, what are their desires, you know. I know for a lot of entrepreneurs or business owner types, they want to free up time. They want to buy back their time and having good leadership in place allows them to do that.

So really get clear on your who, and then get clear on what they want. It’s really really really important.

The next question is how. Okay. How do they get it. Basically, how do you position yourself as the expert in the marketplace? This is where I’m gonna loop back to Mr. ain’t got it and Mr. got it and I’m gonna show you how you can use the IP in your head to position you as the expert because they are wanting to know how to do this, right? So I’m gonna show you how to do that.

The fourth question is basically their frustrations again, but it’s not in frustrations around what I was talking about before. This is the frustrations, the turn offs they have when they come in and they see marketing and advertising these days. There’s a lot of turnoffs happening in the marketplace that are frustrating people and if you’re using them in your marketing you’re going to be turning people off. You actually have to know what is turning your marketplace off. What is turning the people that you’re trying to attract, what is turning them off and frustrating them?

Now this is, not a lot of people are talking about this and I’m not going to go into a huge amount of detail here, but this could be the thing that changes your marketing because you could be turning people off in your marketing and you don’t even know it. Because you haven’t gone deep into their frustrations.

And finally, this is the most important one. Demonstrate to be true. The most important one. What do you need to demonstrate to be true in order for people to want to do business with you?

I’ve got a lot of feedback recently around videos that we’re creating, etcetera etcetera. Now, here’s the thing, I don’t want to talk at you. I want to educate you, I want to demonstrate that there’s value here, right? And I think you need to do the same. Because there’s too many people I see creating videos and content etcetera and running advertising that’s talking to people. They actually need to demonstrate stuff to be true because that then positions you as the expert, okay?

Now to do that you want to use a framework like this. Okay, so I’m gonna go back to Mr. ain’t got it. Okay. Now when we work with our clients we basically get a whole list of stuff on him. We go through what are all the problems for this guy. And we have a list or stuff. Now, this guy generally has a lot of problems, right, and he needs help. So this way, he wants to get over here to Mr. got it. This guy has got everything, right? He’s got it. This guy wants it.

So what do we need to demonstrate? Let’s say you’re a builder, okay, you’re a building company and you want to sell your services. What are the people over here, what are some of the frustrations they have with builders?

Okay, one could be pricing and being pricing on time. So that could be a problem that these people, when they’re looking for a builder, they see that as a real problem.

Another one would be trust. And so you end up working up what are your core bits of content that you’re going to share and give away for free, value in advance, so Mr. ain’t got it starts seeing … and sees you as someone who they can trust. And they start to up belief because you’re demonstrating.

So this now becomes video content, becomes posts, it becomes advertising. Now, you can use this content and put it out in front of people. You can use the system that I showed you the other day around video and actually how to create this content. This content builds on this content, builds on this content, most people aren’t doing this stuff guys. Most people are just saying stuff, they’re not showing and demonstrating stuff to be true, okay? You could, as a builder you could be doing this on site, you know, create a video using the tools and stuff that you’ve got and show how your pricing model works and show how things are happening. This is being more creative, right?

So, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to think about your clients and I want you to think about who they are and their frustrations, what’s annoying them, what are the problems they have. And then I want you to future pace yourself, hey if I was, if I had everything that I needed, what would be the content between that would position you as the expert.

Guys, I hope you enjoyed this video. There’s a lot more to this framework. If you want to know, if you want to have a strategy session, let’s at least have a 20 minute chat first because there’s a lot more to this framework and there’s a lot more questions and there’s a lot more things that we go through. But the first protocol is let’s have a 20 minute chat. So under this video there’s a link. Book in a time, let’s have a chat and let’s see if we can get this system working for you and your business. Because here’s the thing, a lot of people are sitting over here. You want your clients over here positioning you as the expert. So book a call, and I look forward to talking to you really really soon.

If you’d like some more help then go here to book in a 20-minute call with me right here >> https://meetme.so/scott20

Have fun and take action.



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