Bright Ideas for Increasing Sales With Your Retargeting Campaigns


Hi this is Scott Wilson from Digital Influence. Hey in this video I’m going to give you two more bright ideas that you can use for increasing sales with your brand retargeting campaigns.

Building Invisible List via Pixel-Based Retargeting

As I said from my previous video, this is about building an invisible list using pixel based retargeting.

If you haven’t seen my report The Retargeting Revolution or watched my other videos, pixel based retargeting is about putting codes in your website whether it’s Facebook, Google, Perfect Audience, Adroll and then retargeting people via their browser with advertising and strategic placements about your brand online.

Increase Sales and Driving Revenue

It is a great way to increase sales and drive revenue and that’s what we are about here at Digital Influence.

# 3 Guide People Through Your Sales Process

So, here’s idea number three and this is about guiding people through your sales process.

In terms of prospecting, say you offer a free appraisal or a strategy session as your end goal.

Maybe the first port of call for that information could some content on your website where you position yourself as the expert in the market place; you talk about market, the sales in the areas etc. and actually how you can help the person.

They actually look at your content but they don’t take up the next step, and maybe the next step was to download a free checklist, for example “The 21 Things You Should Do to Sell Your House Within 90 Days” or a specific guide like, The Retargeting Guide that I offer; something that gets people interested and further’s them along the sales process.

You can retarget in such a way, that say for example they did not opt in for the free guide, when they go to Facebook next to, or one their favorite websites that allows you to advertise, you can retarget those people on the next stage of your sales process.

So they go to Facebook and they will see “Hey this is that 21 step guide for selling your house in no under 90 days” and once again that positions you and your brand there as well; ensuring you stay top of mine.

Maybe they don’t then take that up but the next time they see your ads, you offer a free strategy session or sales appraisal. You can set a sales up along the way and you can guide people through with retargeting ads, for strategic ways of placing your content and making sure that the people are seeing your brand time and time again through frequency and seeing that you are offering value at each step along the way as well.

# 4 Leverage Events

So, here idea number four and I love this one and I personally use this in a number of occasions, when I’m running seminars and running seminars for clients.

But this is how you could use this in real estate industry as well or any place where you are running events etc.

You know, if you’ve got an event with a deadline that you want people to turn up to, you can run targeted ads, letting people know “Hey, our auction is in five days, our auction is in three days, our auction is in one day”. So, you can target these people specifically with ads, especially if these people have been to the open home. They know about it. You’ve dealt with them before. You can then target these people specifically with Facebook etc, via their mobile phone numbers, or via their email addresses.

So they really know this auction is happening, and they should be turning up. Great if you’re running events, letting people know that “ Hey, this event is coming!” especially if they have booked to come along.

Therefore, you can layout content and get people really talking about your event and knowing what’s happening. It’s a great way to communicate people via the platforms that they are already on, like Facebook and their favorite sites.

And the best part about is you can turn up in their mobile phones.

You may be thinking “Hey Scott this sounds great, but how would I use this in my business?”

Well here’s my offer. I want to offer you a 20 minute chat. Come and talk to me about your business and how I can help your business.

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So, until the next video.

Have fun, take action!

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