Bright Ideas for Increasing Sales With Your Retargeting Campaigns


Hi this is Scott Wilson from Digital Influence. Hey in this video I’ve got two more bright ideas for you, on how to increase your sales with your brand retargeting campaigns.

As I’ve said before, this is about building an invisible list via pixel-based retargeting; so having code on your website that can be supplied by Google, Perfect Audience, Ad Roll, Twitter, Facebook etc.

This is about pixelating and getting cookies into peoples’ browsers, so you can build an invisible list.

As always, the goal of this is to increase your sales and drive revenue into your business. This is everything we focus on as a business, helping people understand your value proposition, and ensuring your business stays top of mind.

#5 Exclude Time Wasters

So here’s idea number five. Here’s a really cool thing you can do with Google retargeting. You can set up your re-targeting list and you can actually exclude the time wasters, i.e. people that have come to your website and left in under 10 seconds. You want to exclude these time wasters from your retargeting campaigns, which will leave you more budget to talk to the people who have a genuine interest, and get your brand in front of the people that really have shown intent and spent some time on your website and really want to do business with you.

It takes a wee bit to set up but if you set it up correctly, you can ensure your budget is being used most effective.