Are you building digital assets in your business?


Last week at our Facebook 4 Business seminar we shared the 80/20 Rule of using Facebook Ads to generate new leads and sales in your business.


More importantly, we shared how to build a predictable marketing system a.k.a a “digital asset” for your business which works 24/7 to position, pre-sell and educate your prospects on the value of doing business with you.


Over the next few weeks I’m going to share a few key takeaways from this presentation.


Here’s number 1…


1. Get out of obscurity with your marketplace and start owning your marketplace’s mind share keywords.


There’s a lot to this, but the 20 second snap shot is… you can’t sell something to people who don’t know who you are – but at the same time you don’t need to sell to everyone, just the people that want to and can buy your product.



Key Tip: You must decide on the business keywords that you want to own, and be known for them on social media.


If I say, “Soft Drink” you say Coca Cola… if I say “Fast Food” you say MacDonald’s.





Because these companies have spent millions and millions of dollars to own your mind share for these keywords. What’s more, they’ve spent millions more to make your feel a certain way about them as well; but that’s another seminar and another story 😉


So what keywords and mind share with your prospects do you want own? 


Comment below and let’s have a discussion on your how you can use this information to generate more leads and $ales for your business.