Zealand Tattoo

The Messenger Marketing Money Bot

The Client.

Zealand Tattoo is a niche-market, specialist tattoo design studio situated in Christchurch, NZ. Zealand Tattoo specialise in ttimeless design art forms that have proven themselves to have withstood the test of time and will not rapidly date, like many other Tattoo Art ‘fads’ and trends have done. Zealand Tattoo’s founder and owner, Zane Swanston, brings more than 30 years of comprehensive tattooing experience ‘to the table.’

The Objective.

  • Covid Lockdowns meant our client was not able to have clients physically in the studio. 
  • Lockdowns also meant there was no way of generating revenue.
  • They did not have a platform for selling vouchers on our website.
  • Creating a platform for vouchers on the website would take too long and too costly.

The Solution.

We built a Messenger Marketing System we called “The Money Bot” that kept customers engaged and buying from the client, even when they couldn’t instantly redeem or book in. This also allowed communication with customers, whilst selling fast and receiving payment quickly through the Messanger app, so customers didn’t have to leave the platform. With this Messenger Marketing System, it is easy to bypass a website completely by delivering a seamless transaction within the Facebook & Instagram Messenger apps. In order to attract customers, we offered an irresistible deal by offering vouchers for 50% off.  Once a customer clicked on the ad, they were redirected to Messenger, where they could view the voucher options, T’s and C’s, and finally, purchase the voucher without having to leave the Messenger platform.







The Results.

Zealand Tattoo generated $73,009.00 in
gross front-end new sales from this campaign in 6 months. During the campaign, the combined Facebook and Instagram advertising spend was $3040.16, reached 121,798 people and saw 3,111 new messenger conversations generated. This resulted in a brand new messenger database of 3188 people
being built as well. And the most important part, the campaign ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
for the was $22.83 for every $1 spent on digital advertising.

Client Testimonial

During the lockdown, we needed a way to continue to make sales even though we couldn’t physically tattoo people. We did not have a platform for selling vouchers on our website, and we knew that building this platform would take time when we needed to start making sales quickly. Digital Influence built a marketing system through Messenger, which allowed us to communicate with customers and start selling fast, and also receive payment immediately through Messenger, so the customer didn’t have to leave the platform. We are impressed with the return on investment on this new marketing system, and in fact, have now scaled up our investment with Digital Influence to create more campaigns and a couple more marketing systems for our businesses.

  —  Zane Swanston, Zealand Tattoo