Five Content Writing Tips for Social Media Success


Content writing can be pretty tricky; how do you come up with engaging, interesting content relevant to your audience on a consistent basis? Here are five quick tips you can implement, to help you win in the cutting edge digital market place.

1- Identify your target audience and put yourself in their position. What language do they use? What images will they resonate with? By putting yourself in their shoes, you are more likely to get the likes, shares and comments you want; but remember which would you rather- 10 likes on your post, or 10 people clicking through to your website? Engagement means nothing if it doesn’t stimulate your audience to action, so measure engagement, but also measure conversions. However, if you want some numbers to compare your engagement rates to;
Above 1% of your total fans engaged is good,
0.5%-0.99% is average and
Below 0.5% engagement likely means that you need to realign your messages to your audience, and hopefully evoke more engagement from the fans of your brand. If you are getting below 0.5%, take a step back, redefine your target audience, and realign your message accordingly. Its all about the right message, to the right market, using the right media.

2- Make sure you are creating your content specifically for Facebook (or whatever platform you are posting on). From there, you can repurpose and repackage the content to fit other platforms – e.g. turning it into a blog post, putting it in an email campaign and creating a video; but the content needs to be fitting for that platform. Again, right message, right market, right media. People aren’t on Facebook specifically to buy your product or service, so your content needs to either have an engaging image, or offer some form of value (ideally both!) to be noticed. When we say offer some form of value, we don’t mean monetary value, but some information or education that’s of value to your target audience. Post options include adding links, images, and videos. There is more space to tell your story on Facebook, so use it but don’t be too wordy- send them to a blog post instead. Link to other content that captures attention, stirs emotions, entertains, is humorous, educates or that sends a powerful message. Images are premium for grabbing attention and these are commonly shared. Likewise, videos are extremely popular on Facebook and these increase growth of your follower base and their engagement with your profile.

3- Stand out from the noise, but stay true to your brand. With so much virtual noise out there, you need to have your brand stand apart from everyone else. Offer stories and content that your audience can identify with on some level; the key to this is knowing and understanding your target audience well. Get them thinking, make them feel comfortable, and make your brand feel accessible to them. Cater to a market that reflects the values of your brand; and always have strategy first thinking. In saying this, when trying to make your brand stand out, don’t stray too far from who you actually are. People are more likely to be engaged when you are authentic and have a strong sense of brand identity. Consumers favour specific brands because they like what they offer and they know what to expect. Maintain your key brand identity, but look for new and innovative ways you can win in the marketplace.

4. Post with purpose. Never post ‘just for the sake of posting’, or because you feel like you need to get a post up. Create a game plan, have an overall strategy, and know what you are trying to achieve with every post. Is the aim of this post to increase brand awareness, or am I trying to position myself as an expert in the marketplace? Am I displaying my value proposition with this post, or am I trying to influence my audience through education- or do I simply have a new offer I want to share? You also need to consider which part of you audience you targeting by that particular piece of content- i.e. what stage of your sales funnel are they at? Are they cold traffic who have never heard of you before, warm traffic who know you but may not fully understand your value proposition, or are they hot traffic who have engaged with you content, visited your site, and maybe even purchased off you in the past, but you still need to say top of mind? These three audiences will all require different content. By always implementing strategy first thinking, ensuring you are getting the right message to the right market, you will create better quality content, more likely to get engagement, and ultimately resulting in moving them further through your sales funnel.

5- Analyse your own posts, and monitor your competitors posts. The numbers never lie. While social media isn’t purely based on stats, if you post about something and you get great engagement and great click through, talk about it again. Don’t shy away from what does well. Repurposing the same topic or info is great if you can achieve the same kind of traction consistently. Also monitor your competitors posts; if they share a post that has great engagement, find a way that you can model this on your page, because its clearly something people in your market are interested in. Take note of which of your posts do really well, and which flop, and create your social media strategy around this.

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