Digital Influence & My New Start

Kane Lawson | My New Start

"In my 15 years of business ownership, I have dealt with many advertising companies trying to get the best and most current information to grow my retail-based companies and I can honestly say I have never dealt with a team who are as efficient and dedicated to the task as the staff at Digital Influence.

As we all know with whatever industry you are involved in the market is an ever-changing beast from day to day, to have a team of people in your corner who understand this and can adapt to market changes with the click of a finger is a breath of fresh air and an absolute game-changer for any business.

For this one reason alone I would strongly recommend anyone who is serious about growing their business, get in contact with Digital Influence and let them show you what true results actually look like."

Digital Influence & Car Money

Greg Beaman | Car Money


Guys, these numbers are seriously, seriously, seriously impressive!! (yep 3 x seriouslys) In fact they are off the fricken charts!!!!!!!!!!!!

It actually gets better as I have another 2 approvals today. So that brings the approval cost down to $62.50

Honestly, the approved cost is OUTRAGEOUS! At XYZ Finance Company (name withheld) $125 per approval was the best we ever achieved with Google Ads and that was spending 50-60k per month and XYZ Finance Company is a trusted and recognised brand!

Its official, Targeted Video content is where it is at! Scott has been telling me this for a few weeks now... lol...

Keep doing what you are doing.


Mike James | NOVUS NZ

"Since working with Digital Influence over the last 4 years our market share and our revenue is up and going up every month."


Arjun Gill | Little India

"Digital Influence continuously brings new, fun and smart ways to market our business which is helping us reach new and existing customers weekly across all our nationwide restaurants."


Brent Selwyn | KT Law

"Since working with Scott and his team at Digital Influence over the last 14 months our revenue is up an incredible 40% for the six-month same period last year.”

Having Digital Influence on our team is like having our own expert marketing team on hand without the overhead of employing one or more people to do what they do for us. More importantly, I feel the team at Digital Influence care about our business and are engaged in what we do and how we help our clients.

My recommendation is if you really want to get your digital marketing working for your business then contact Scott and the Digital Influence team."


Murray Hale | Hale Advertising

"We all know these days that technology moves fast. As a business owner I know I need to keep up to speed or I lose.

I hate losing which why I love working with Scott and his team at Digital Influence.

Since I started working with them I've seen my client's results get better and better every year.

The thing I like most is, Digital Influence is willing to work in partnership with other experts.

They are not afraid to share ideas and brainstorming so as long as my clients are benefiting. This is a true win/win/win partnership."


Jenni | Mag & Turbo CHCH

"Digital Influence has made Digital Advertising and Marketing an extremely important part of our business success and every month we see our online business continuing to grow."


Zane Swantson | Zealand Tattoo

"$73,009 in 6 months from one Messenger Marketing Money Bot Campaign. We are extremely happy with the return on investment for this campaign, and in fact, have now scaled up our investment with Digital Influence"


Zani Polson | Harcourts

Scott, Liv & Josh have the most exceptional knowledge when it comes to social media and obtaining not just great results but exceptional results.


Richard Till | RRK

"Facebook Messenger Marketing rocks... by using this technology, together we achieved my biggest month ever in sales, and it is still growing."

"If your digital marketing is not performing today, then make no mistake you are losing money!"

Scott Wilson

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