LinkedIn Launches Premium Company Pages

LinkedIn has introduced its new Premium Company Pages, designed to help businesses improve their presence and engagement on the platform. These pages offer enhanced features and tools that go beyond what is available with the standard company page. With these new offerings, businesses can better showcase their brand, reach a larger audience, and drive more meaningful interactions.

One of the standout features of the Premium Company Pages is advanced analytics. These insights help businesses understand their audience better and track the performance of their posts. This data is crucial for making informed decisions about content and engagement strategies. Additionally, features like personalised call-to-action buttons and customisable page layouts allow businesses to tailor their pages to fit their specific needs and goals.

As competition for attention on social media grows, having a Premium Company Page on LinkedIn can give your business a significant advantage. The new tools and features make it easier to attract and retain followers, build strong professional relationships, and ultimately, achieve your business objectives. By leveraging these premium offerings, businesses can optimise their LinkedIn presence and stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

LinkedIn Premium Company Pages

Some of the new LinkedIn Premium Company Page Features. Images sourced from LinkedIn.

Key Features of LinkedIn Premium Company Pages

LinkedIn Premium Company Pages come packed with features that help businesses boost their presence and engagement on the platform. One of the standout features is advanced analytics. These insights allow businesses to monitor the performance of their posts, understand audience demographics, and see engagement metrics. With this data, businesses can make informed decisions about their content and strategies, leading to better results.

Personalised call-to-action buttons are another exciting feature. These buttons can be customised to direct visitors to specific actions, such as visiting a website, signing up for a newsletter, or contacting the company. This direct approach makes it easier for businesses to capture leads and drive conversions. Additionally, the customisable page layout lets businesses tailor their page to better reflect their brand identity, making a more compelling first impression.

LinkedIn Premium Company Pages also come with enhanced visibility options. Businesses can now spotlight important updates and posts, ensuring that crucial information reaches their audience. This feature is particularly useful for promoting events, new products, or significant company news. With these key features, LinkedIn Premium Company Pages offer robust tools to help businesses optimise their LinkedIn presence and enhance their audience engagement.

Benefits of Upgrading to a Premium Company Page

Upgrading to a LinkedIn Premium Company Page offers various benefits that can significantly enhance a business’s LinkedIn strategy. One of the primary advantages is improved brand credibility. A well-designed and feature-rich page provides a professional image and builds trust with your audience. When potential customers or partners visit your page, the premium features and enhanced visuals can leave a lasting impression.

Another benefit is detailed audience insights. With advanced analytics, businesses can understand their followers better. Knowing who is engaging with your content allows you to tailor your marketing efforts more effectively. For example, if your analytics show a high level of engagement from a particular industry, you can create more targeted content to cater to that segment, increasing relevance and engagement.

The ability to drive specific actions through personalised call-to-action buttons is another critical benefit. These buttons make it easier for businesses to guide visitors toward desired actions, whether that’s visiting a website, downloading a resource, or contacting the company. This functionality can directly impact lead generation and sales, making it a valuable tool for any business.

Additionally, premium pages increase the chances of higher engagement. With options to spotlight posts and updates, businesses can ensure that important messages don’t get lost in the feed. This visibility can drive more interactions, shares, and comments, amplifying the reach of your content. By upgrading to a Premium Company Page, businesses can leverage these benefits to build a stronger LinkedIn presence and achieve their marketing goals.

How to Set Up and Optimise Your Premium Company Page

Setting up your LinkedIn Premium Company Page is straightforward. Start by logging into your LinkedIn account and navigating to the “Create a Company Page” section. Choose the Premium option, and fill in the basic details about your company, such as name, logo, and tagline. Make sure your information is accurate as this forms the first impression of your brand.

Customising your page layout is the next step. LinkedIn provides various templates that you can choose from to make your page visually appealing. Use high-quality images and consistent branding elements to maintain a professional look. Don’t forget to add a compelling cover photo that represents your brand values and ethos. Engage your audience with concise and clear company descriptions. Highlight what sets you apart and include core services or products.

Now, focus on keywords and SEO optimisation. Incorporate relevant keywords in your company description and posts to improve your visibility in LinkedIn search results. Regularly update your page with fresh content to keep your audience engaged. Post industry-related news, company updates, and engaging articles that provide value to your followers. Regular updates increase page activity, making your company more visible to a broader audience.

Maximising Engagement and Reach with Premium Tools

With your Premium Company Page set up, it’s time to maximise engagement and reach. One effective approach is to use the advanced analytics tools provided in the Premium package. These tools allow you to track how your followers engage with your content. Review the analytics regularly to identify what works and what doesn’t, and adjust your strategy based on these insights.

Another essential tool is the personalised call-to-action (CTA) button. Use this feature to drive specific actions like visiting your website, signing up for events, or downloading resources. Personalised CTAs guide visitors towards meaningful interactions and increase the likelihood of conversions.

Engagement can also be boosted by spotlighting posts. Use this feature to highlight important updates, such as product launches, company achievements, or significant announcements. Spotlighted posts remain at the top of your page, ensuring they get maximum visibility and interaction. Encourage employee advocacy by asking your team to share and engage with company posts. This increases the reach of your content and adds credibility when it comes from multiple trusted sources.


LinkedIn Premium Company Pages offer a range of powerful tools designed to enhance your business’s presence and engagement on LinkedIn. By leveraging features like advanced analytics, personalised call-to-action buttons, and spotlighted posts, you can create a compelling and professional page that attracts and retains followers. Regular updates and optimisation efforts ensure that your page stays relevant and engaging.

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