One Page Marketing Plan


Scott Wilson here from Digital Influence, thanks again for coming to our seminar last week. As promised I’m making you this video regarding the One Page Marketing Plan.

So I’m going to go through this video, and then let’s talk a wee bit about the mastermind group and course that we’re creating here.

Now, as we said in the seminar and we showed you this side, what do you see here? And for a lot of business owners they see this, they see basically overwhelm and confusion when it comes to the marketing space. And I really believe this is prevalent right now and it’s going to become even more as everything starts to speed up.

And I believe what this article was saying is “Hey, Kiwi businesses are definitely missing out on the opportunity to use technology better,” but they’re also missing out on the opportunity because they’re a wee bit confused when it comes to marketing their business.

So I want to help you do that and I’m going to lay out this formula that I’ve created called the one page marketing plan.

I need to make something real clear though, hey, this is not just my information, I’ve been studying marketing for the last probably 26 years, and I’ve learnt from some real power players.

And the gentleman on the left here is a guy called Jay Abraham and the other gentleman is a gentleman called Dean Jackson.

I first heard about the concept of the before, the during, and after from Jay Abraham a long, long time ago. And then I really started to understand it when Dean Jackson started talking about it.

So, big up to you two guys, I’ve kind of modified what you’ve taught me over the years, and we’ve distilled it into what we call the one-page marketing plan. There are three phases in this one-page marketing plan, there’s the before phase, the during phase, and the after phase. So we break down the three phases, and I’ll show you what I mean by that.

So in the before phase, you’ve got three stages, and they are this. You’ve actually got to have the right market, and as I would’ve said in the seminar, too many people focus on the fact that everyone is their target market.

Well, today, not everyone can be your target market, so you’ve actually got to market to the right market and these are people who can and want to buy your products or services.

If you get this right, marketing becomes a lot easier and becomes a lot more efficient for you.

And as I said, probably the most important thing you can do right now is to sharpen your sword on the right message.

As I said in the seminar, Donald Miller talks about if your prospects are confused, you will lose today.

You actually need a plan and a formula, and you need some copywriting formulas, which we’re going to go to in this course, that you can use to get your message out effectively because you need the right message to the right market.

And then you need to use this, you need to use the right media. And not every media is created equal for a lot of business owners. Some businesses should never be using YouTube, or LinkedIn, or Twitter, or Facebook.

They probably should never be using TV, but for some businesses they should be using TV, they should be using Facebook, they should be using newspaper, they should be using a referral or strategic partner alliance.

And you really have to work this out because this is the before phase, and when you get this right, you get the right market in front of the right message, using the right media, your business can grow and you can grow quite quickly.

So that is the before phase. The next phase is the during the phase. So you’ve done the work in the first three phases, the next one you want to do the work on is the attention and traction system.

You actually need a system to get out of obscurity and to stay top of mind with people and to actually want to bring them into your business and attract them into your business. So go through this, and one of many platforms that you can use to get attention because you need to get attention these days and you need to attract people to your business.

The next phase is influence through education. This is about the value of your proposition, this is about actually understanding how you help people and then how to get it in front of them so you’re actually educating them before they do business with you.

This is so important these days because we’ve gone from that hardcore sales environment to where people want to work with trusted and authoritative people. So you need to implement influencer education, we’ll help you through this with some formulas that we have to be able to do this.

The next phase is convert, you actually need a sales conversion strategy, and you need to be able to people from cold or warm prospects into clients. So you need some systems for that, whether you’re going to use webinars, seminars, face to face, telephone sales, online sales.

You actually need some systems for that, so in the programme, we’ll go through, in the second month, your conversions strategies and what you’re going to use to actually generate business for yourself.

Then you have the after phase, so you’ve done the work, you’ve got your right market, right message, right media. You’ve actually then got an attracting system going, you’ve got some education and nurture going.

You’ve got a system that converts people, now you’ve got people in and you’re doing business for them. One of the key things there is actually being able to deliver what you’re doing, but also record, report, on results. So I call them the 3 R’s, recording, reporting, results.

These are really key factors these days, especially when you’re dealing with businesses where there’s a lot of competition, you need to be able to make sure you’re recording, reporting those results to the clients in such a way because if you don’t they won’t see the value. So this is a really big part and we’ll show you how to do this, and actually how to leverage software on how to do it.

The eighth part of this equation is transformational stories, and actually how to collect them, and how to do it properly, whether you get them via video, written, audio. But it will actually give you a formula for getting those testimonials and how to do it in the right way.

But they make a real impact on your business, because people want transformation these days, they want to see that other people have gone through what you are promoting them to do, and they want to basically be taken from point A to point B. And you’ve got to show them how to do this through story and through transformational stories.

And the last one in the after factor is what I’m calling community. I think it’s really, really important these days, you put a ring fence around your clients, you create a community, you create advocates and you create promoters, and you create referral partners.

You actually need systems for doing that, we’re going to show you some systems for generating referrals, how to build people that want to be promoters for you and be advocates for you. There’s a whole number of things you want to do in here that makes everything a lot easier to grow your business.

So guys that is the one-page marketing plan, if you have those nine areas covered you’re going to have a strong marketing plan. It fits on one page and it allows you to build a predictable marketing system, and at the end of the day, that’s what you want. I think most business owners, from what I’ve learned and doing some stuff over the years, they just don’t have a marketing plan, and you’re going to need one in 2018 and beyond.

So, as I said, if you want help with this, we’re putting together a one-page marketing plan mastermind. This is a three-month programme where we go through, in the first month the before, second month the during, and in the third month the after. So, I’ve only got room for eight business owners in my new boardroom, okay?

Eight business owners that can come along. It looks like we’ve probably got five, so we probably only have room for probably three more, and that’ll be it.

And as I said, it’s $500 for the total of three months. This is the lowest price I’ll ever do it, but I need you guys as guinea pigs to build this, help me build it, and you get the value of getting it at the lowest price.

And I can tell you, you’re going to get some awesome value. We’ve got some templates, we’ve got formulas, we’ve got some really cool copywriting stuff, writing sales messages and stuff to help you. And we’ll give you the latest tricks when it comes to using the right media as well for it.

So, if you want to go through the before phase, the during phase, and after phase with us over the next month, it’s 500 bucks. If you want to go faster than you’ve ever been before when it comes to marketing then this is the programme for you.

All you need to do is email me at So just email me there, and I’ll basically send you back an expression of interest form.

If you’ve already filled it out, that’s all good, I’ll be in touch with you probably in the next couple of days anyway, but I you want an expression of interest form, fill it out, I’ll get it back to you.

We’ll have a quick call and basically, you’ll see if the program’s right for you. If you’re in business and you don’t have a marketing plan, trust me, this is for you. And it will never be this low, I’ve got plans to sell this for probably six times what you’re going to get charged right now.

So, if you want to do that make sure you email me, fill in the expression form, we’ll have a quick call. And remember, knowledge is power, but action is the key to your dreams. I really appreciate you coming along to our seminar, I hope you had a great time. If you have any questions feel free to email me back, but until then have fun and take care.