12 Rules of Marketing Your Business In A Recession - Part Two

Snapshot from 12 Rules of Marketing Your Business In A Recession

12 Rules of Marketing Your Business in A Recession Part Two


Scott Wilson is back with part two of his 12 Rules of Marketing Your Business in A Recession.


In Part One, he shared his first six epic tips for ensuring your business thrives in a tough economy, and in Part Two, he will share another six tips business owners can implement today to ensure you continue to grow market share and mindshare even in recessionary times.


Make no mistake – growth can happen in the toughest of times if you think critically, not reactively, and we are here to help you do that.


Here is a snapshot of what Scott covers in this Marketing 4 Business episode:


* Think Mobile First

* Focus on Reason Why Advertising

* Build Partnerships and Collaborations

* Look after your existing customers

* Leverage Technology

* Know Your Numbers


And Scott’s bonus rule  


* Protect Your Mindset


Have fun and enjoy listening, learning and taking action from this podcast!


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