What is Marketing?

Today I’ve got a question for you, and that question simply is, what is marketing? I want you to think about that for a second.

We talk to a lot of people in our seminars, and we love asking them that question, what is marketing?.

People have different ideas of what marketing is.

A lot of people come up with marketing as promotion, strategy, it’s Google Adwords, or it’s newspaper or radio or TV, printing, SEO, all these different things that marketing is.

I’ve got a bit of a different take on this, and I want to go through a simple concept with you. We all know what the circus is.

And if you’re in Christchurch at the moment, you will see the Weber Brother’s Adrenaline Circus signage everywhere because that’s the circus that’s happening in town at the moment.

So we all know what a circus is, right? So let’s go through some of the things here that happen when you are marketing a circus.

Number one is you’ll have fence signs. And fence signs, basically that’s what I say equals advertising.

Here at right now, if you go down Memorial Ave, there are fence signs everywhere for this circus. Fence signs equal advertising.

Then let’s say if you were running a circus and you had an elephant and you took that elephant through town. Say you took the elephant through town through the Cathedral Square, and you had a sign on the back of that elephant.

Well, that would be called promotion.

Now, what happened if that elephant ran through the botanical gardens and destroyed a whole bunch of flowers in some of the gardens. Well, to some degree, that would be publicity.

Now the cool thing is if you got the marketing team from the botanical gardens to laugh about it, have some fun about it and write about it, that would be called public relations.

Then when you go into the circus, you walk through the merchandising area, and the salespeople ask you questions and discover what you are looking to buy. You decide to purchase some pieces of merchandise, and that’s called sales.

Now here’s the cool thing because in my opinion if you planned it all, then that is marketing. That is what marketing is really about. It’s about encompassing everything there and planning it, so it makes the magic happen.

Here’s the thing, if you can use the marketing as a strategy to target your target market so that they like you and trust you enough to become a customer, you’ve won the game of marketing.

Now sadly, most people just look at these as a group of tactics and don’t plan their marketing, or have a system around building a predictable marketing system and planning all this. They just see marketing as a group of tactics.

And that’s the biggest problem I see with a lot of business owners these days.

You need to build a predictable marketing system. And to do that, you need a one-page plan. This help you know what you want to make happen in advance, versus just randomly putting these ideas together.

Have fun and take action

Scott Wilson | Founder Digital Influence