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“Having known Scott now for about 15 years, I was pretty keen for us to develop a brand awareness and figured that was a good way for us to go about doing it, was to increase our profile on social media.”

- Brent Selwyn

Kannangara Thomson

“The added value that we were getting provided by Digital Influence has been extraordinary.”

- Mason Lattimore

Kaiser Brew Garden

Scott, Olivia and Dean are absolutely outstanding. If I didn’t deal with Digital Influence, Car Money would not exist today. They are the difference between lead generation and no leads being generated. As I say, if it weren’t for them, Car Money would not exist. They are everything for my digital media. I record the ads. They make the magic happen end of the story. Sign on with them and get started. Cheers.

- Greg Beaman

Car Money

“On behalf of the ‘So You!” team just wanted to reach out to thank Digital Influence for working so hard to put our company ahead of the game to be the best we can be in the marketing world. The way you have promoted us online, with your wonderful wording and digital marketing, has been amazing and directing it at the right customers for our business.
- Debbie Albrecht

So You Boutique

“They are great to work with. Always challenging us, coming to us with new innovations and keeping us up to date with what’s happening daily. I highly recommend them to anyone in the future”

- Mike James


“They have really helped elevate us in the digital marketing place and really communicative with all the things that is going on”

- Mathew James


“If we didn’t have the presence we do on Google and Facebook, we wouldn’t be where we are today”

- Kane Lawson

My New Start

“Digital Influence really understand who we are, they have made some wonderful content which really aligns to my brand and everything is really consistent and there is a lot of care that comes with what they do.”

- Sarah Bradley

Winnie Bagoes

“Their professionalism was top notch and a great team to deal with. Super transparent and they tell you everything they need to know with what you need to do to elevate your business.”

- Fraser MacKenzie

Heresto Vodka

“The impact they have made across our business, not only our recruitment business but also our workwear business has been phenomenal”
- Andy McCormick


“They cover any marketing and all marketing which is a really great help and great resource”

- Jeremy


“I want to give a big shout-out to Digital Influence. Scott, Olivia and the team have been amazing. They do all our online advertising, social media and Google for us, and they push the hell out of the marketing for us and our online business, which has been phenomenal.”
- Kevin Eder

Tradestaff Workwear

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