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How We Help You Grow Sales.

Digital Marketing Strategy.

Digital Marketing is the most measurable marketing medium on the planet. Together let’s develop a digital marketing strategy that will work for you to grow your businesess sales and drive revenue. 

Social Media Content Marketing

We love partnering with our clients to create campaigns that help you stand out on social media by identifying specific goals for your content marketing strategy to generate sales. Click link to see examples of our work.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Digital Advertising is a great way to tell your story and showcase your business to local and global market to increase your leads, foot traffic and sales, so you to gain new customers and clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is vital to your business if you want to rank well online, increase traffic and drive sales. At Digital Influence, we conduct an SEO website audit – analysing your products & services mapped to the structure of your website. 

Local SEO

You’re most probably missing out on new customers to your competitors if you’re not using Local SEO strategies like Google Business Profile. A well optimised GBP listing will drive more customers to contact and find your business. 

Messenger Marketing

We created our first Messenger Marketing campaign in 2017. Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses leverage the power of Messenger Marketing to start sales conversations, grow sales and build customer loyalty. 

Google Advertising

Google Ads can help your business get in front of new customers every day. We’ve been running Google Ads for clients since 2004, and we’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t. The good news is you can start with as little as $10 a day.

Video Marketing 2022

Video marketing is effective tool for businesses in 2022. Research says 84% of consumers persuaded to buy a product after watching a video, it’s no wonder that 93% of businesses say video is a critical part of their marketing strategy.

Retail Influence | Retail & Ecommerce Sales Development

2022 is the year that ecommerce really comes into its own. By linking customer data between digital and in-store transactions, business will be able to create truly seamless experiences. 

We love helping businesses win.

“On behalf of the ‘So You!’ team just wanted to reach out to thank Digital Influence for working so hard to put our company ahead of the game to be the best we can be in the marketing world. The way you have promoted us online, with your wonderful wording and digital marketing, has been amazing and directing it at the right customers for our business. We really look forward to our continued relationship with you. Thanks again for your awesome work.”

Debbie Albrecht

Owner, So You Botique

“I have known Scott for over 10 years, and Digital Influence has provided services to my law firm Kannangara Thomson for the last 5+ years. Scott, Liv, and their team are great to deal with and have helped us immensely to raise our firm’s public profile and awareness.

It makes so much sense to outsource our digital marketing to true professionals so we keep on top of current trends to improve our profile and, through that, our market share .”

Brent Selwyn

Partner, Kannangara Thomson

“In my 15 years of business ownership, I have dealt with many advertising companies trying to get the best and most current information to grow my retail-based companies and I can honestly say I have never dealt with a team who are as efficient and dedicated to the task as the staff at Digital Influence.

As we all know with whatever industry you are involved in the market is an ever-changing beast from day to day, to have a team of people in your corner who understand this and can adapt to market changes with the click of a finger is a breath of fresh air and an absolute game-changer for any business.

For this one reason alone I would strongly recommend anyone who is serious about growing their business, get in contact with Digital Influence and let them show you what true results actually look like.”

Kane Lawson

Owner, My New Start


Guys, these numbers are seriously, seriously, seriously impressive!! (yep 3 x seriously) In fact, they are off the fricken charts!!!!!!!!!!!!

It actually gets better as I have another 2 approvals today. So that brings the approval cost down to $62.50.

Honestly, the approved cost is OUTRAGEOUS! At XYZ Finance Company (name withheld) $125 per approval was the best we ever achieved with Google Ads and that was spending 50-60k per month and XYZ Finance Company is a trusted and recognised brand!

It’s official, Targeted Video content is where it is at! Scott has been telling me this for a few weeks now… lol…

Keep doing what you are doing.

Greg Beaman

Owner, Car Money

2022 Is About Video… Video… Video!

Wondering if video is the right content strategy for your business?

We can help you create a video marketing strategy that will work for you. Video is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage with your target audience. It’s also a great way to show off what your company is all about and what makes you different from the competition. Check out some client examples below.

Our 3 Unique Points of Difference.

1. Our team is your team.

2. Results, not reasons.

3. We win together.

We love helping businesses win.

“Since working with Digital Influence over the last 6 years our market share and our revenue is up and going up every month. i highly recommend using them for all your digital marketing.” 

Mike James

Director, NOVUS NZ

“Digital Influence continuously brings new, fun and smart ways to market our business which is helping us reach new and existing customers weekly across NZ.”

Arjun Gill

Brand Manager, Little India Restaurants

“Digital Influence has made Digital Advertising and Marketing an extremely important part of our business success and every month we see our online business continuing to grow.”


Manager, Mag & Turbo CHCH

We Love Helping Businesses Win.

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