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Understanding Facebook: Paid Ads vs Content

Understanding Facebook: Paid Ads vs Content

Learn the key differences between Facebook’s paid ads and organic content and how to balance both strategies to maximise your Facebook presence and engagement.

What Social Media Metrics Matter?

The Social Media Metrics You Should Care About

Learn about the critical social media metrics that local businesses should track to measure performance, optimise campaigns, and dominate their markets.

Consumer Reviews - Digital Influence Google Business Profile Review

Consumer Reviews and Their Impact

Some great Review insights. We look at what consumers think, where they look and what are the main pillars that will help your business build trust.


Navigating Tough Times: 12 Essential Marketing Strategies for Thriving in a Recession

Discover 12 essential marketing rules to thrive in a recession, with actionable insights for long-term business success.

Decoding Google Ads Smart Bidding: A Beginner's Guide for SMBs

Decoding Google Ads Smart Bidding: A Beginner’s Guide for SMBs

Navigate the complexities of Google Ads Smart Bidding with our beginner’s guide, tailored specifically for small-medium businesses.

Scott Speaking

Flip Your Marketing Switch: Transforming Your Strategy into a Sales-Generating Machine

Unlock marketing success with ‘Flip Your Marketing Switch’ – expert strategies to boost sales and leads in our latest blog post.

Services Pages - Instant Plumbing

Elevating Your Online Presence Through Targeted Service Pages

Elevate your online presence with targeted service pages. Learn how to attract, engage, and convert visitors!

Java Furniture Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories for SMBs: A Guide to Boosting Engagement and Sales

Explore the untapped potential of Instagram Stories for small-medium businesses with our comprehensive guide.

Video Influence

5 Essential Video Marketing Tips for 2024

Discover 5 essential video marketing tips for 2024 to engage audiences and boost your brand with authenticity and strategy.

Business Growth

The 5 Best Ways to Grow Your Business in 2024

Discover 5 key strategies to grow your business in 2024, including cold outreach, inbound marketing, and more.

Dave Armstrong - LinkedIn

Harnessing LinkedIn for Networking and Personal Branding: Insights from Dave Armstrong

Unlock LinkedIn’s potential for networking and personal branding with insights from banking and entrepreneurship expert, Dave Armstrong.

Digital Influence

Essential Questions to Ask Your Digital Marketing Agency

Make sure your digital marketing agency is the right fit for your business! Discover the essential questions you need to ask to ensure they provide value in 2024.