The 5 Fears of Marketing Your Business

Snapshot from The 5 Fears of Marketing Your Business

The 5 Fears of Marketing Your Business

Welcome to the Marketing 4 Business podcast hosted by Scott Wilson.

In this episode, Scott discusses the five fears he’s discovered throughout his 24+ years in the marketing industry and how his agency helps businesses overcome these fears to achieve growth.

These include lack of time and resources, lack of budget, not getting results, fear of failure, and fear of being outdone by competitors.

Scott also shares strategies to address these fears, such as understanding the goals and purpose of the business, having clear communication between the business and the agency, having transparency with results, and understanding the unspoken expectations between the business and the agency.

Then Scott breaks down the importance of having a deep understanding of the business and the marketplace and providing flexible options for growth.

Key Takeaways

* Marketing requires a long-term commitment

* Focus on strategy first, then tactics

* Understand the value of your customers to determine your marketing budget

* Consistency in message and frequency is essential for success

Make no mistake, by addressing the five common fears in marketing, your businesses can overcome these challenges and achieve growth in any marketplace.

Have fun, and take action.

Scott Wilson

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