AI Marketing Formula (AI + HI = SI)

Snapshot from AI Marketing Formula (AI + HI = SI)

AI Marketing Formula (AI + HI = SI)


You can watch this seminar presentation here as well – Unlock The Power AI Marketing


In this brand-new Marketing 4 Business Podcast episode, Scott is live at Lunch & Learn with 60 of his private clients, where he dives deep into the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionise how businesses grow and operate. 


Here’s what you will discover in this episode.


Your AI Assistant – The incredible potential of AI to assist in individual career growth, including getting you promoted and even providing you with your own AI assistant.


(AI + HI = SI) Formula – The power of combining AI with human intelligence to form a ‘superintelligence’.


Digital Marketing Timeline –  The journey through the timeline of digital marketing underlines the current era of innovation and disruption, with AI taking centre stage.


Real World AI – Real-world applications of AI, including video editing, mobile, Google algorithms, and machine learning AI used in surgeries.


AI in Action – AI’s role in everyday life is exemplified by Netflix recommendations.


Buy Back Your Time – How AI technology can help you reclaim an hour back every week.


AI 101 – We also take time to break down the concept of AI to a level a nine-year-old could understand. 


This episode is filled with insightful personal experiences:


– My learning journey in AI.

– My use of the Ask PDF plug-in to summarise large documents.

– How the Otter AI bot can be of immense help in attending meetings on my behalf.


So the question is…


– What would you do with an extra hour every week that AI could potentially save you?

– How do you envision AI being integrated into your business model? 

– Do you think AI combined with human intelligence can create a ‘superintelligence’?

– In which everyday tasks do you already recognise the influence of AI?


Tune in to this episode as we challenge you to think strategically about implementing AI in your business.

We also show how this transformative technology can redefine what’s possible. Don’t miss out on exploring AI’s fantastic potential for customisation and scaling in businesses!
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