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Digital Marketing 4 Business – Where You Can Win!

This week we have something different for you. A few weeks ago, Scott was interviewed by Lee Stevens on the Time & Motion Podcast.

During this episode, Scott shares several insights on where business owners can win with Digital Marketing.

Here’s what you will discover in this episode of the Marketing 4 Business Podcast

Discover Scott Wilson’s journey from his sports-focused beginnings in Christchurch to his leadership in online marketing. This episode unveils his life story, the shift from traditional sales to digital marketing, and insights into the digital future.

Scott’s Early Life and Career:
Hailing from a sporting family, Scott’s initial job was at Placemakers, where he gleaned valuable work ethic and leadership principles from his entrepreneurial employers.

Learning from Sales and Marketing:
Scott’s diverse sales experience stressed understanding customer desires and validating marketing strategies.

The Transition to Online Marketing:
As a business student, Scott ventured into digital marketing, eventually establishing a successful SEO and Google Ads business. His journey imparts essential lessons.

The Importance of Long-Form Content:
Scott underscores the enduring relevance of long-form content in today’s digital landscape.

Branding and Marketing Strategies:
Scott shares experiences in using Google Ads, video content, and SEO to reach customers and the significance of comprehending data to gauge performance.

The Impact of AI on Businesses:
The discussion explores the potential influence of AI and chatbot technology on businesses, emphasising efficiency and cost savings.

This podcast episode delves into Scott Wilson’s transition from traditional sales to online marketing and offers insights into the future of AI in business. Listen to deepen your understanding of the ever-evolving world of online marketing.

Big thanks to Lee Stevens for having Scott on the Time & Motion Podcast.

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