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Digital Marketing 4 Business – Where You Can Win!

This week we have something different for you. A few weeks ago, Scott was interviewed by Lee Stevens on the Time & Motion Podcast.

During this episode, Scott shares several insights on where business owners can win with Digital Marketing.


Here’s what you will discover in this episode of the Marketing 4 Business Podcast


Scott Wilson’s journey from a sports-focused childhood in Christchurch to becoming an online marketing leader. This podcast episode unravels Scott’s life story, his transition from traditional sales to digital marketing, and his insights into the future of the digital landscape.


Scott’s Early Life and Career:


Scott Wilson hails from a sporting family in Christchurch. His first full-time job was at Placemakers, a large building supply company. Here, he gleaned valuable lessons on work ethic and leadership from his entrepreneurial employers, Bob Sanford and his business partner. These principles continue to guide him today.


Learning from Sales and Marketing:


Scott’s experience selling everything from plastic toothpicks to gas fires has given him unique insights into the world of sales and marketing. One significant takeaway is the importance of understanding customer wants & desires over needs. He also learned about the necessity of validating marketing strategies.


The Transition to Online Marketing:


Scott was a student of business when he found himself drawn to the world of direct response, copywriting, and internet marketing. Realising the internet’s potential, he replaced his income from a corporate job and established a thriving SEO and Google Ads business. His narratives about following the big trends for 18 years are filled with invaluable lessons.


The Importance of Long-Form Content:


In the current bite-sized content age, Scott highlights long-form content’s enduring relevance. Consumers are more informed than ever, and businesses must be prepared to share information to build mindshare. 


Branding and Marketing Strategies:


Scott discusses his experience using Google Ads, video content, and SEO to reach customers. He emphasises the importance of understanding numbers to track performance and the necessity of getting the people, culture, systems, and processes right before scaling up a business.


The Impact of AI on Businesses:


In the final segment, the discussion shifts to the future, specifically the potential influence of AI and chatbot technology on businesses. Scott explains how these tools can be leveraged for efficiency and cost savings and even used as powerful marketing tools.




This podcast episode with Scott Wilson offers an in-depth exploration of the transition from traditional sales to online marketing, the importance of long-form content in the digital age, and the future of AI in business. Whether you’re interested in sales, marketing, or the digital landscape’s future, this episode is packed with insights and lessons from an industry expert. Listen in to enrich your understanding of the ever-evolving world of online marketing.


Big thanks fro Lee Stevens for having Scott on the Time & Motion Podcast.


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