Investing In Yourself

Snapshot from Investing In Yourself

Investing In Yourself
Welcome to the Marketing 4 Business podcast hosted by Scott Wilson.
In this episode, Scott interviews Paul Wright, one of the co-owners of Harcourts International. Investing In Yourself shares Paul’s story, from being made redundant at 20 to retiring at 55.
Here are some key takeaways:
# Driven To Take Action Paul’s nonsense success leaves clues mindset that has led him to work alongside some of the most successful business people in New Zealand.
# From Redundant at 20 to Retired at 55 – how being made redundant was one of the most pivotal points in Paul’s business career. Including what Paul’s old boss told him the day he was made redundant, and he was right.
# Investing In Yourself – the $1500 audio tape course that changed Paul’s life and saw him travel the world, have a family, drive fast cars and fly a helicopter.
# Living Your Best Life – the 100/50/25/10 concept Paul learnt that helped him start to live his best life. Listen to this today if you want to take your life to the next level.
# Surveying Success – how Paul started his first business after being made redundant and became a huge success.
# Disrupting The Real Estate – from “For Sale” signs, the Bluebook to Website listing, how Paul & Steve Collins disrupted the real estate industry in the 80s.
# Growing Through Acquisition – how they grew from 12 offices to over 90 offices NZ-wide, listing on the stock exchange, then delisting to a management buyout.
# The Harcourts Brand – how Harcourts has grown to 800+ offices globally, No.1 in NZ, No.2 in Australia & South Africa.
# Helping Others – the basis for success that Steve taught Paul early on that led Paul to become a top lister, then office manager to regional manager and country manager.
# Fast Franchising – the intriguing story that made Harcourts sell down all their company-owned offices and start franchising fast.
# Choices Not Chances – Paul’s take on how he mentors and supports people to help them reach their goals, dreams and aspirations.
# Getting Clarity – the one thing Paul recommends to everyone he mentors that allows them to get clear and become better decision-makers.
# Be Inspired – why Paul started The Inspire Foundation and how it allows them to help young people reach their goals, dreams and aspirations.
# The GRIT Programme – how the Inspire Foundation is helping young people through adversity like anxiety, depression, eating & sleep disorders and more.
# Pauls Top Five To Thrive In A Business – this advice is gold. Grab a pen and some paper because Paul drops the mic on his top 5 things you need to do in business.
And so much more!
Have fun, and enjoy listening and learning from this success leaves clues business podcast.

Scott Wilson

P.S. Connect with Paul via Linkedin