Levelling The Playing Field with Mike Blackburn

Snapshot from Levelling The Playing Field

Levelling The Playing Field

Welcome to the Marketing 4 Business podcast hosted by Scott Wilson.

In this episode, Scott interviews Mike Blackburn, one of the founders of Combined Building Suppliers Co-operative (CBS), who joined us for an insightful conversation.

Here are some key takeaways:

Mike’s MBA background taught him critical analysis and how to read the property market, leading to the idea for CBS, which has over 1,000 shareholders and is one of New Zealand’s largest buyers of building materials.

CBS has provided significant savings to its shareholders and has the potential for future growth within the construction industry.

Joining a co-op can benefit a diverse range of businesses, especially during tough economic times when having a strong support network is essential.

We discussed the potential decline in the construction industry over the next twelve months due to challenges such as supply chain constraints and inflation affecting building material costs.

Adapting to market changes is crucial; documentation is essential for homeowners and builders dealing with repairs and rebuilding efforts.

Hard work, personal relationships with clients, and adapting marketing tactics to different target markets are critical for success in the construction industry.

The value of mindset, peer groups, and having open conversations within the construction industry cannot be overstated.

CBS’s success is due to having the right business partners, hard work, persistence, understanding of the construction market, and continuously evolving.

Overall, our conversation highlighted the importance of building strong relationships, adapting to changes, and leveraging the power of collective bargaining through a cooperative like CBS.

Have fun, and take action.

Scott Wilson

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