Marketing Fails At The Weakest Link

Snapshot from Marketing Fails At The Weakest Link

In this episode, Scott shares his lessons on what happens when Marketing Fails At The Weakest Link.

 Here’s a snapshot of what you will discover in Marketing Fails At The Weakest Link.

 * Sharpen Your Market Skills – why now is the perfect time to sharpen your marketing skills.

 * Direct Response Marketing Failure – why a bulletproof marketing campaign failed at the weakest link.

  * 3 Really Good Direct Mail Example – steal and model these ideas today to grow your sales.

  * Scott’s 5 Reasons Why Marketing Fails Today – Scott shares his 24 years of experience and gives five reasons why he thinks marketing fails today.

  * Long-Term vs Short-Term Marketing Mindset – success leaves clues, and right here, you can discover the ultimate mindset you MUST have to win in a recession.

  * 10 Years Success Stories – why Scott’s clients are successful and the exact marketing formula they use to generate that success.

  * Tactics First Thinking Failures – why it’s a big mistake to think tactics first regarding marketing.

  * Eyeballs Strategy – why you must have a strategy for getting more eyeballs on your business.

  * Influence Strategy – how by having this strategy in place, you will out-market 95% of your competitors.

  * Economic Strategy – put this in place, and you will dominate your competitors. Enough said.

  * Data Wins In 2023 – why whether you are running marketing in-house or with an agency, you must get data back from your marketing efforts.

  * Wrong People, Wrong Results – the number one lesson Scot received as a gift from this marketing failure.

  * Employ Your Weakness – do this in tough economic times, and you will prosper and grow your market share.

  * Action, Action, Action – 5 ACTIONS you can take right now to improve your business’s marketing.

  * And so much more.

  If you want to win with your marketing, then listen to this short marketing strategy podcast today.

 Enjoy this episode and as always, have fun and take action.

 Scott Wilson

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