Marketing Magic - How To Recession Proof Your Business

Snapshot from Marketing Magic - How To Recession Proof Your Business

Marketing Magic – How to Recession Proof Your Business


In this episode, Marketing Expert Scott Wilson shares ten marketing ideas and concepts to protect and grow your business in tough economic times.


Here’s a snapshot of what’s in this Marketing 4 Business podcast episode:


Idea 1: The Big Idea – the Importance of having a big idea, including an example of a successful campaign called “ Beat The Banks”. How to focus on selling the outcome or benefit, not just the product. Remember, people buy holes, not drills.


Idea 2: Stacking The Value – why it’s important to stack value during the recession to stand out from competitors. Scott shares how to use low-cost items to add value and out-market competitors. Plus, he shares a recent real-life example he did that involved selling a bottle of wine for $3000.


Idea 3: The Best Bait Wins – why putting the right offer in front of your potential customer is super important. Insight into the best way to know your numbers and understand customer lifetime value to determine your best offer.


Idea 4: The Fine Line Follow-Up System – the importance of following up with potential customers, even if initially rejected. Scott includes some examples from his direct mail marketing days and explains why persistence in following up can lead to conversions and sales.


Idea 5: Use A SMC Swipe File – Scott shares why he has a swipe file of successful marketing campaigns and how he uses them to create more successful ones. Plus, he shares exactly where you can go to spy on your competitor’s ads and see what offers they are putting out in the market.


Idea 6: Create a Money Form – If you want to make more sales do this; simply have a place where someone can give you money for your product. Scott shares why you don’t need the whole product and why creating an MVP (minimum viable product) is important to prove the concept. Plus, his simple but straightforward advice on going and talking to people to get sales.


Idea 7: The Before, During & After Experience – How to look at your marketing as a before, during, and after customer experience. How to develop a seamless experience for your customers. Scott shares how to think about what happens before, during, and after the customers meet you. Plus, he gives 5 really good questions to ask yourself in order to prepare for this new world-class customer experience.


Idea 8: Work The Front End of Your Business – Why you must constantly bring new people into your business world. How to give value in advance and share insights and education to your potential customers so they want to do business with you. Make no mistake, failure to spend money on the front end of your business will see you lose market share in this recession.


Idea 9: Get Known By the Success of Your Clients and Customers – Scott shares how to correctly use testimonials to showcase your success. Why he believes video testimonials are a valuable marketing tool in 2023. The best way to use client results and statistics to showcase success. Plus, why it’s vital to encourage prospective clients to speak with current clients during a recession.


Idea 10: Protect Your Mindset During Tough Economic Times – Scott shares why he believes why protecting your mindset is the most important thing any business owner can do during a recession. Why you must surround yourself with action-takers and doers. Connect with forward-thinking people who want to help you grow your business.


And so much more…


Have fun, and enjoy listening and learning from this recession-busting business podcast.


Scott Wilson


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