Protecting Your Marketing Mindset

Protecting Your Marketing Mindset

Protecting Your Marketing Mindset


In today’s episode, Scott tackles a question from one of our listeners, Samatha.


Samantha asks, “What are some of the best ways to protect your mindset as a business owner, particularly concerning marketing, during challenging economic times?


Here’s what you will discover in this Marketing 4 Business Podcast episode.


Customer First Focused – Scott shares why essential to stay attuned to the needs and experiences of your customers and how this approach will guide your business decisions and marketing strategies effectively.


How to find additional ways to assist your customers; focusing on their needs often leads to novel solutions.


The Want Mindset –  Why you MUST switch from a “need” mindset (which breeds scarcity thinking) to a “want” mindset, encouraging abundance and bold thinking.


How to view and learn to view failures and challenges as learning opportunities.


Goal Setting and Momentum –  The best to avoid being overwhelmed by significant goals during difficult times.


How to maintain your big goals but break down the steps towards them into smaller, manageable milestones.


When to celebrate each milestone to maintain motivation and a positive outlook.


Stay Connected to Your Purpose – Scott shares how to remain linked to your mission and values to sustain your passion and drive in tough times.


Plus, Scott shares the Digital Influence & his own personal purpose as good examples to follow.


Focus on What You Can Control –  Instead of worrying about uncontrollable factors, focus on areas you can directly influence, like marketing strategies, customer service, and business operations.


Self-Care is Essential – why is vital you relax and recharge to maintain a healthy mindset for better marketing decision-making.


Scott also shares his 5 am routine, including the words he uses to drag himself out of bed.


Success Leaves Clues – Scott shares how to gain insights from successful individuals and why you MUST turn off news media and turn on podcasts, audiobooks, and read books for success clues.


Collaboration and Networking – why it’s essential to connect with other business owners, industry experts, and community members for valuable insights and support.


Teaser: Scott shares an upcoming podcast with Business Safe Leadership expert Dave Sewell discussing this very topic.


Celebrating Your Victories – Scott shares a great story on how he created the hashtag #celebrateyourvictroies.


Remember, your mindset plays a crucial role in your business’s path. By safeguarding your marketing mindset, you’re better prepared to lead your business towards success, irrespective of the economic climate.


Have fun and enjoy listening, learning and taking action from this podcast!


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