The Magical Marketing Number

Snapshot from The Magical Marketing Number

The Magical Marketing Number: Understanding Your Lifetime Value.


In this episode, Marketing Expert Scott Wilson shares the magical marketing number every business must know to grow your business in tough economic times.


Here’s a snapshot of what’s in this Marketing 4 Business podcast episode:


* Calculating The Magic: Scott shares how to calculate the magic so you can start confidently marketing your business.


* Out-Marketing Your Competitors with LTV – Determine how much you will spend to acquire a new customer and out-market your competitors.


* Enticing Potential Customers with Irresistible Promotions – discover insights into irresistible offers and promotions that can help break customers’ habits and increase confidence in tough economic times.


* High-Value LTV – Find out why understanding your lifetime value is particularly crucial for businesses with high-value items.


* The Sweet Spot for Marketing Spend – Scott shares his percentage formula for insights on marketing spend as a revenue percentage and finds the sweet spot for businesses looking to scale and grow.


* Marketing with Confidence – Learn how a strategy-first approach to marketing can increase confidence and success in the marketplace.


* Moving the Needle – the number that, if you understand, can move the needle furthest in your business.


* Real-world Marketing – real-life examples of how understanding lifetime value has helped businesses attract and retain customers.


And so much more.


Have fun, and enjoy listening and learning from this number-crunching, recession-busting business podcast.


Scott Wilson


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