12 Rules of Marketing Your Business In A Recession - Part Two

Snapshot from 12 Rules of Marketing Your Business In A Recession

12 Rules of Marketing Your Business in A Recession Part Two

In this episode, Scott presents the second part of his “12 Rules of Marketing Your Business in A Recession,” following the first six tips shared in Part One. These tips are designed to help your business thrive in challenging economic times.

Here’s a snapshot of what Scott covers:

Think Mobile First: Embrace a mobile-centric approach in your marketing strategy.
Focus on Reason-Why Advertising: Highlight the reasons why customers should choose your product or service.
Build Partnerships and Collaborations: Strengthen your business by forming partnerships and collaborations.
Look After Your Existing Customers: Prioritize customer retention and loyalty.
Leverage Technology: Embrace technology to improve efficiency and stay competitive.
Know Your Numbers: Gain a deep understanding of your business’s financial metrics.

Plus, Scott’s bonus rule:

Protect Your Mindset: Maintain a positive and resilient mindset to navigate challenging times effectively.

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