Show Us Your Crack With
Mike James from NOVUS NZ

Snapshot from Show Us Your Crack

Show Us Your Crack with Mike James from NOVUS New Zealand.

A captivating business story started in 1978 with Mike’s Mum & Dad jumping on a plane to the US.

Only to return a week later with a business opportunity that would become a market leader in the windscreen repair business in NZ.

Here’s a snapshot of what you will discover:

* How NOVUS NZ grew from a Ma & Pa business to over 63 franchises in NZ.

* Stealth Growth – how Mike and his brother Tim grew the business in the winter after 4 pm.

* Demonstrating Credibility – the innovative way they grew by showing new customers how they could save time and money.

* Opportunity Knocks – how they took the opportunity to franchise NOVUS NZ in 1991.

* TV1 or TV2 – advertising on TV in the early days and stressful decision regarding what channel to advertise on!

* The power of TV advertising – how some NOVUS branches grew 316% in 3 months after first advertising on TV.

* Ma & Pa Tv Ads – the innovative way NOVUS created their first TV ads using the family car and a single film camera.

* Show Us Your Crack – How the famous cult Show Us Your Crack Radio jingle came about and why they turned it into a TV Ad.

* Branding 101 – NOVUS nailed the two most important things early in branding their business.

* And so much more.

Listen to a captivating business story of innovation and good old kiwi can-do attitude.

NOVUS New Zealand started in 1978 and has 64 franchises nationwide, with more expansion plans underway.

Scott Wilson

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