Sales is a Skills Game

Snapshot from Sales is a Skills Game

Sales is a Skills Game.

Scott is back this week interviewing sales legend and published author Mike Brunel.

In this engaging episode, you’ll discover how Mike went from working in a sheep shearing shed to becoming a top-selling salesperson, a published author and building a multi-million dollar business.

Here’s what you will discover in this episode of the Marketing 4 Business Podcast

* Mike’s journey from shearing sheep to building a multi-million dollar empire in media demonstrates the power of persistence, learning, and seizing opportunities.

* Consistency and frequency in marketing are crucial for creating relevancy, repetition, and reputation-building.

* Engaging clients for 12 months through advertising can exponentially grow your business, as seen in the success of NRS Media.

* Taking a marketing idea internationally requires innovative thinking, the right team, and adaptability to success and failure.

* The right mindset is essential for success in sales, focusing on understanding the customer’s needs and creating a value proposition for the product.

* Employing a doctor-like approach to sales, correctly qualifying customers, and researching potential clients can lead to more effective sales techniques.

* Training, consistency, and frequency can create relevancy and build a reputation for businesses, as seen in the success of companies like Kellogg’s.

* Having the right team behind you is essential for success, as successful people also want to help others succeed.

* The five steps to success in sales are: train every day, know your product, feature the benefits, know your story, and learn your case studies.

* Being the ‘price whisperer’ in your business means understanding the willingness to pay and finding the right balance between price and value to maximize sales potential.

Throughout our conversation, Scott & Mike discuss the importance of consistency, frequency, and repetition in marketing. Mike shares his experiences with expanding innovative marketing concepts internationally, and the role luck, timing, and hard work play in launching a business to new heights.

Together they also delve into essential sales techniques, such as qualifying customers correctly, employing a doctor-like approach, and understanding the value proposition of your products.

By the end of this episode, you’ll walk away with a plethora of actionable advice and insights to maximize your sales potential. So, don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Mike’s inspiring story and discover how to master the art of selling.

Let’s all grow together and achieve our goals!

Have fun and enjoy listening, learning and taking action from this podcast!

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