Speed Marketing - How To Legally
Win New Business with Brent Selwyn

Snapshot from Speed Marketing

Speed Marketing – How To Legally Win New Business

In 2012 Brent Selwyn was at a pivot point in his career as a successful lawyer and partner in a firm.

In this podcast, you’ll discover Brent’s journey to learn more about marketing that has helped him significantly grow his Kannangara Thomson Law Firm.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll discover in this podcast:

* Speed Marketing Mindset – Brent’s take on why it’s more important to be marketing your business when it’s busy vs only marketing when you are quiet.

* Marketing Masterminds – how joining a marketing mastermind gave Brent the direction and connections he wanted to grow himself and his business.

* The L & I Mindset – the simple but highly unusual mindset for lawyers that Brent developed early on when learning more about marketing.

* WordPress Websites – the cheeky little website that Brent built himself consistently delivered 1 to 2 solid weekly leads.

* Direct Mail Money – the out-of-the-box marketing thinking Brent implemented to produce hugely positive ROI on his marketing campaigns.

* Know Your Numbers – how understanding a client’s Life Time Value (LTV) from day one gave Brent the confidence to push his marketing hard.

* Outsourcing Your Marketing – Brent’s take on why he outsources his firm’s marketing and the positive outcome it has had over the last seven years,

* Building a Story Brand – an excellent book Brent read that helped him build his firm story and brand awareness.

* And so much more.

Listen to a captivating business story of marketing innovation and pure passion for helping people.

Scott Wilson

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