The 45 Million Dollar Man
with Murray Hale

Snapshot from The 45 Million Dollar Man

The 45 Million Dollar Man with Murray Hale

At age 12, Murray Hale started his first job scrubbing the floor at the local butcher’s shop.

Little did he know that 40-something years later, he would sell 45 million dollars worth of advertising in an industry he hated at the start.

Here’s a snapshot of what you will discover in The 45 Million Dollar Man:

* The Birthday Gift – The one birthday gift Murray would get every year that drove him to scrub floors at the local butchers at age 12.

* 5 Life-Changing Lessons – 5 lessons Murray learnt from doing the opposite of his abusive father.

* Get Around Good People – why it’s essential to get around good people and to help them first can grow your business.

* Golf Life Lessons – 4 major life lesson Murray learnt from playing golf that has helped him sell 45 million dollars of radio advertising.

* Corporate Box To Bum Radio Sales Rep – why Murray became resentful after leaving the corporate world and all its glory to become a commission radio sales.

* Selling The Intangible – what Murray learnt about selling intangibles and how he overcame his initial struggle.

* One Decision, Two Choices – the turning point in Murray’s radio advertising career. If you struggle to get ahead in any of your businesses, this advice is GOLD.

* Selling 105 Cars in one weekend – how Murray helped The Paul Kelly Company sell 105 cars in one weekend using a $1 down deposit.

* And much and much more…

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Enjoy this episode and as always, have fun and take action.

Scott Wilson

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