The Art of Turning A Dollar with Shaun Stockman

Snapshot from The Art of Turning A Dollar

The Art of Turning a Dollar 

Halfway through his first high school year, Shaun Stockman was summoned to the Principles Office and quickly put into a work experience program that would change his life forever. 

In this inspiring story, you will discover how Shaun went from working on cars to developing and refurbishing multi-million buildings.

Here’s a snapshot of what you will discover in The Art of Turning a Dollar 

* Panelbeater to Real Estate – Shaun’s journey from working on cars to developing and refurbishing multi-million buildings.

* Shaun’s First House – the intriguing story of how Shaun raised a $4000 deposit for his first house and the types of people that helped Shaun stay motivated.

* A Keen Eye For Detail – how Shaun developed his keen eye for detail and how it’s helped him grow his property business.

* The Wake Up Call – Shaun’s life-changing moment in his mid-forties made him decide which career to choose.

* 14 Properties Gone In Minutes – the damage Shaun and his business partners suffered after the Christchurch Earthquakes and how they recovered to rebuild their property portfolio.

* Calling Christchurch Home – why Shaun & Dean invested in Christchurch rather than running off to other parts of New Zealand.

* Advice For New Property Investors – the exact two types of properties Shaun recommends new property investors should buy today.

* Charity Starts Here – a great story on how Shaun got his mates to invest in buildings to help at-risk kids and families.

* Crossroads Youth With A Future – the charity Shaun helps and why he is passionate about helping young kids. 

And so much more 😉

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Have fun and enjoy listening, learning, and taking action from this podcast! 

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