The Marketing Opportunity

Snapshot from The Marketing Opportunity

The Marketing Opportunity


Scott Wilson is back with a deep dive into the world of marketing. 


In recent months, he has engaged with hundreds of business owners through seminars, workshops, podcasts, and strategy sessions, discovering several common themes and highlighting a significant marketing opportunity that every business owner should seize.


Here’s what you will discover in this Marketing 4 Business Podcast episode.


Common Theme 1  – Lack of Performance Measurement


Many businesses invest heavily in diverse marketing platforms such as radio, billboards, and digital mediums like Facebook and Google Ads.

However, a recurring issue is that most businesses must measure or manage their performance effectively. This lack of strategic measurement can lead to wasted resources on underperforming campaigns.


Common Theme 2 – Avoiding Mismatch in Market, Message, Media


The triple M’s of marketing – Market, Message, Media – must align to ensure a successful campaign.

Scott shares examples of younger digital marketing agencies making mistakes in audience targeting and how to rectify this.


Common Theme 3 – Past Marketing Failures


Past marketing failures often discourage businesses from investing further in promotional efforts. We share a case study of a once well-known company that ceased its marketing efforts due to the need for results.

The root cause? Lack of strategy and measurement. 


And as always, Scott shares his actionable advice so you can take advantage of The Marketing Opportunity right now.


Marketing Opportunity 1 – Implement Strategy-First Thinking


A clear, well-designed strategy is the foundation of successful marketing. It helps businesses identify winning tactics and yields desired results.


Marketing Opportunity 2 – How to get clarity on Market, Message, and Media


Understand your buyer (Market), create a compelling narrative (Message), and select the right platforms to reach them (Media). This balance will ensure relevancy, trust, and, eventually, more sales. 


Marketing Opportunity 3 – Track and Measure Performance


Measuring and testing your advertising is described as the ‘8th Wonder of The World.’ This simple act, if implemented, puts you ahead of 95% of businesses. 


Get ready to transform your marketing game and seize the growth opportunities that lie ahead. Remember, there’s always room to grow your business, whether in a recession or in prosperous times.


Have fun and enjoy listening, learning and taking action from this podcast!


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