Unpacking Safe Leadership - A Deep Dive into Core Values, Stress and Success

Snapshot from Unpacking Safe Leadership

Unpacking Safe Leadership – A Deep Dive into Core values, Stress, and Success

Scott is back this week interviewing Safe Leadership expert and published author Dave Sewell.

In this engaging episode, you’ll discover how Dave went from running his business “Bunny Lodge” to becoming a sought-after trainer, speaker, and published author.

Here’s what you will discover in this episode of the Marketing 4 Business Podcast:

 This episode starts with Dave’s initial entrepreneurial venture at the Bunny Lodge, which ignited his enduring passion for training people.

From the bustling retail world of the 80s, Dave imparts invaluable lessons about customer service, influential connections, and the power of meaningful relationships.

As we dive deeper into the conversation, you’ll discover the profound impact of core values on shaping employees’ behaviour and guiding hiring decisions.

 Dave shares a particularly poignant story about standing up against mistreatment, which led him to establish his business’s guiding principles. Further, we delve into the critical role of customer feedback in determining these core values.

 We also take an insightful journey into the contagious nature of stress in the workplace and discuss practical strategies for managing it.

Towards the end, we shine a light on the potency of modelling as a training tool, drawing from Dave’s experiences in the retail arena.

Be prepared to learn the importance of presence and observation as Dave shares tips on managing mindset and micro-moment significance.

 We conclude with a bundle of critical principles for business success, emphasising communication, consistency, and self-care in stress-filled scenarios.

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Have fun and enjoy listening, learning, and taking action from this podcast! 

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