Video Marketing Killed The Radio Star

Snapshot from Video Marketing Killed The Radio Star

Video Marketing Killed The Radio The Star

Brendan Holt is the creative talent behind Display and DJ extraordinaire at Boogie Beat. In fact, if you’ve ever been to a wedding where everyone on the dance floor cutting shapes to their best moves, chances are Brendan was the DJ.

Here’s a snapshot of what you will discover in Video Marketing Killed The Radio The Star.

* Radio Sales to Instagram Videographer – Brendan shares his journey from being passionate about photography to selling radio advertising to finally seeing how video on social media was the future.

* Video Video Video – how creating a simple video for his DJing business led to friends and business colleagues wanting Brendan to help them create videos for them.

* Inspired To Learn – what inspired Brendan to want to learn about photography and the one website he used for years to upskill his creative talent.

* Confident To Work For Free – how Brendan developed his confidence in the early days of his business and why he worked for free for the first six months.

* The Celebrity Effect – how to quickly build know, like & trust using video. Get this concept, and you will out-market your competitors in 2023.

* Starting A Business – Brendan’s top three things he recommends to have in place when starting a business. I highly recommend actioning what Brendan says here. And so much more…

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