Winning The Business Game With Campbell Parker

Winning The Business Game

Winning The Business Game


Scott is interviewing Award Winning Hospitality Legend Campbell Parker from Kaiser Brew Garden this week.


In this engaging episode, you’ll discover how Campbell went from studying geography and geology at Uni to opening his bars and restaurants.


Plus, Scott finds out the who, the how and the why behind Kaiser Brew Garden’s recent success at the recent 2023 Hospitality Awards for Excellence, where Kaiser Brew Garden was awarded:


🏆 Best Bar in New Zealand

🏆 Future Leader of the Year – Mason Lattimore

🏆 The Supreme Award is the pinnacle of the Awards for Excellence.

🏆 And Scott’s favourite Best Marketed Establishment in New Zealand!


Here’s what you will discover in this episode of the Marketing 4 Business Podcast


Winning The Business Game – What it takes to win the game of business and the three key components that have helped Campbell win big over the last 20+ years


Managing Numbers and People in Business – Campbell shares the importance of knowing your numbers, which can help save money in this business. He also highlights the challenge of managing employee numbers and the unpredictability of the hospitality industry.


Creating Winning Partnerships – Campbell explains the key things he has learned about the importance of having the right business partnerships in place and how they are helping him grow faster.


Award-Winning Culture – Why the team at Kaiser want to help more people see hospitality as a career option and how success leaves clues in building an award-winning culture


The Spanish Adventure – Why Campbell took his family on a year-long sabbatical to Spain and its profound impact on his personal and professional life.


Open Book Business Management – Scott & Campbell explore how the hospitality industry has implemented principles of sharing a stake in the outcome, performance-based pay, and gaining shares.  We share a story of how one staff member’s life was changed due to the gain bonus and how the culture of transparency has empowered employees to become self-governing.


Know Your “Why” in Business – Campbell talks about the need for the right people in the right opportunity and the importance of having mentors and someone who supports you on your journey. We explore the importance of understanding why you are doing something and how it relates to your aspirations.


Winning The Game of Marketing – Scott & Campbell discuss the digital marketing landscape and the importance of measuring results. They explore how a partnership with a marketing team can help get fresh and nimble ideas and drive the marketing process.


So, brace yourself for a goldmine of award-winning business knowledge that you can use to grow your business and achieve your goals!


Have fun and enjoy listening, learning and taking action from this podcast!


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