We Love Helping Our Clients Win šŸ„‡

The team at Digital Influence loves winning.

In shifting economic times, we understand that our clients must stay top of mind to win new customers and grow sales.

Our clients are our partners, and we implement proven direct response digital marketing strategies to create engaging, profitable, and fun campaigns that get results.

If you want to win more and are ready to grow your business, then book a Where You Can Win Strategy Call today.

6 Reasons You Will Love šŸ˜ Working With Us

Results Not Reasons

We understand businesses want results, not reasons. We take solutions first vs problem approach, and we take pride in figuring things out and happen things happen.

DI Live Dashboard

We believe Digital Marketing should be transparent. To ensure this is true for our clients we created DI Live, a fully automated live results dashboard.

Weekly Email & ā˜Ž Call

You will get a weekly update email about what we are doing, what we need from you and how your campaigns are performing. We also offer weekly phone calls as well.

Where You Can Win

Our mission is to discover where you can win, then build a strategy and then execute that strategy until you win. There’s never been a better time than now to start winning new business online.

Our Team Is Your Team

Working with Digital Influence is a true partnership. From the day we start working together our team is your team. We take this very seriously because we want you to win.

We WIN Together

We LOVE helping our clients WIN. We are bold and proactive about doing whatever it takes to help our clients. We celebrate our victories together. #celebrateyourvictories

The Digital Influence Difference

Be Team-Focused

Zig Ziglar said it best “You can have everything in life that you want if you just help other people what they want first.”

With this in mind, we are committed to this mission and determined to do whatever it takes to help our clients win.

We think like the Crusaders and have a teamwork vs talent-first approach to business. We are on our client’s team, and we act for the greater good of all our team members.

We understand the WE is greater than I. We don’t take a “that’s not my job” perspective but always look to bring new ideas & offer a helping hand.
It’s in our DNA to go above & beyond the call of duty.

We look for ways to improve things, make suggestions and enhance the way we operate. We give it our all and are always looking for ways to raise the bar.

Meet The Results Driven Team At Digital Influence šŸ˜Ž

Sarah Welch

Content Coordinator

Digital Marketing Team NZ

Liv Hale

Client Services Manager | Partner

Kelly-Ann Barr

Client Account Manager

Olivia Brand

Content Marketing Producer

Rebecca Stewart

Digital Marketing ExecutiveĀ 

Sue Balcomb

Business ManagerĀ 

Clare Japin

Content Assistant

Digital Marketing Team NZ

Joseph Santos

Digital Automation SpecialistĀ 

Scott Wilson



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Our Team Is Your Team. We Win Together #celebrateyourvictories

Team Digital Influence