3 Simple TikTok Tips To Grow Your Business

Stand out from the crowd and increase your brand exposure through video.

If you’re reading this, you probably want to know more about how social media functions. I think I’ve discovered the secret to building a TikTok following.

Everyone’s experience with TikTok is unique, however, the following advice can help you increase your following.

So what is TikTok? To put it simply it’s a social media app that allows for a variety of short-form videos, anywhere from 15 seconds to ten minutes. 

TikTok is a great tool for businesses to utilize that can help gain exposure and increase your audience reach, consumer engagement and creativity.

1. Maintaining Consistency

Consistency is difficult, however, even just posting at least once a week allows you to have effective exposure which is better than not posting at all. The more content and live videos, the more chances you have to gain viewers and potential customers! To put it simply,  all it can take is one popular and engaging video to completely transform your company and get your business name out there.

2. Timing Matters!

When producing material, make sure your videos are no more than 30 seconds and, when necessary, add voiceovers. This will encourage participation from and an understanding of the mystery among your audience.  You have 3-5 seconds to grab the attention of your audience, so make sure your HOOK is great!

You should have no trouble gaining some solid engagement with your followers if you are imaginative and, more importantly, deliberate with your hooks.

3. Show off your Creativity

Although it’s fantastic to follow trends, not all audiences want to see you perform viral dances. Utilize the popular sounds and showcase your originality using the customer avatar as a guide.

Think about what makes your brand unique and utilize this when planning out your video content. Every business has something unique that makes them better than their competitors. So make sure this is the tool you use to create that engaging and will hook your audience from the get-go

You’ll have a clear understanding of what does well and what doesn’t after posting consistently, keeping your content concise, and using your originality.

At Digital Influence, we’re all about helping our clients reach their audience and get their brand well known. To do this we started creating videos that show not only our clients but about team DI getting out of the office and working with our clients to achieve this. Check out one of our ‘Out & About’ videos below. 

Bonus Tips

A great online tool to help you create great-looking TikTok videos is Canva. You can easily create your videos with your iPhone or Android device, import the video and resize it with the vast number of templates Canva provides.

Although not mandatory, using a tripod or a Gimple can make your videos less shaky.

Here at Digital Influence, we’ve jumped on the Tik Tok bandwagon too. If you’re looking for some inspiration check out our page here

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