The Video Influence Framework: A Proven Framework for Generating Engaging Content

Do you find content creation challenging? It doesn’t have to be. With a systematic approach, you can generate engaging content from your own expertise and insights. In this blog post, we explore our own tried and tested Video Influence framework, a strategy we employ with our own clients at Digital Influence to create impactful video content. This framework will assist you in creating as many as 90 pieces of content, which is equivalent to three months’ worth of material!

The Video Influence framework comprises a central theme, three core messages, and 10 insights or tips derived from these core messages. This blog post will explain this process with relatable examples. You can use this framework in your business, and you’ll see the potential it has to produce engaging content effortlessly.

The Video Influence Framework

Breaking Down the Framework

Select a Central Theme

The first step in the Video Influence framework is to select a single central theme. The central theme is a general topic that resonates with your business, product, or service and is broad enough to generate various sub-topics. It’s the main idea that all your content will revolve around. It’s critical that the theme is relevant to your audience and holds enough interest for them. For example, if you’re a real estate agent, you could choose ‘Auctions’ as your central theme. This topic is relevant to your audience, and it’s broad enough to cover various aspects of the auction process.

Identify 3 Core Messages

Once you have your central theme, identify three core messages. The core messages are essentially sub-topics that delve deeper into the central theme. They provide a more specific focus, allowing you to explore different facets of the central theme. By breaking down your theme into core messages, you’re able to cover a wide range of perspectives, ensuring your content remains interesting and informative. Continuing with our real estate agent example, the first core message, ‘Auction Day Experience’, could cover various aspects of the auction process. This could range from how to prepare for an auction, what to expect on the day, and how to bid successfully. The second core message, ‘Auction Finance’, might delve into financial aspects like securing a loan, understanding the cost implications, and managing post-auction finances. The third core message, ‘Auction Aftermath’, could provide insights into what happens after the auction, including legal obligations, property handover, and managing buyer’s remorse.

Deliver 10 Practical Tips or Valuable Insights

Once you have your core messages, deliver 10 practical tips or valuable insights related to each of those core messages using short-form videos. For instance, for the core message of ‘Auction Day Experience’ for a real estate agent, you could share the following 10 insights and tips:

  1. FAQ: Address common questions like “What happens if there are no bids at an auction?”
  2. SAQ (should-ask-questions): Highlight important but often overlooked questions, such as “What are the hidden costs associated with buying a house at auction?”
  3. Testimonial: Share a testimonial review like, “John secured his dream house at the auction, thanks to our expert guidance.”
  4. Customer Service: Showcase how your service enhances the auction experience, e.g., “Our team provides personalised advice for a smooth auction process.”
  5. ‘What Happens Next’: Describe ‘What Happens Next’ after winning a bid, providing a clear post-auction path.
  6. Quick Tip: Offer simple yet effective advice like “Set a bidding limit before attending an auction.”
  7. Industry Myth: Debunk industry myths, for example, clarifying that the highest bid must exceed the reserve price to win.
  8. Common Mistakes: Highlight common mistakes, such as neglecting property research before bidding.
  9. Personal Experience: Share your experience as a real estate agent, fostering trust and authenticity.
  10. Local Focus: Emphasise the importance of understanding the local real estate market’s impact on the auction experience.

The Video Influence framework is not limited to the real estate industry. Regardless of your business type, you can apply it.

Putting the Framework into Action

We’ve been implementing this content framework for various clients at Digital Influence, utilising it to generate engaging video ideas. Below you can check out some examples of the outcome of using this framework for our client Harcourts Holmwood who sought to create captivating video advertisements aimed at attracting new agents. Each of these short-form videos represents just one of the insights uncovered from this content framework. As you view these examples, imagine how this approach could be used in your business, offering the potential to effortlessly create content that truly connects with your audience.

Maximising Your Content

By using the Video Influence Framework, you can generate up to 30 pieces of content for each core message, which gives you a total of 90 pieces of content. This essentially means you have enough content to post three times a week for three months. The best part is that the content is unique to you, drawing from your own expertise and insights. You can even recycle this content after 90 days and run it again.


Creating content doesn’t have to be challenging. With a systematic approach and a little creativity, you can transform your own expertise into engaging content. Our Video Influence framework is a roadmap to content creation success. Embrace it and watch your business grow.

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