The marketplace has changed.

I thought I’d bring you some digital marketing 101 for 2022.

Look, make no mistake. We’ve all been through some crazy things over the last two years, and, and I’ve definitely noticed and started to see a few things changing in the marketplace, especially from a digital marketing perspective, right?

I’ve been talking to a lot of your clients, a lot of people, and we can definitely, you know, people’s behaviours have changed, right?

Their online spending their online, searching how they engage and interact with people has changed. The market definitely has changed. The platforms have definitely changed and make no mistake, you know, even more importantly, mobile has become so important as far as your marketing strategy.

You must be findable, searchable and convertible.

I’m recording this video on a, on an iPhone and it’s it’s one thing if you’re not findable, if you’re not searchable on a mobile phone these days I’m gonna say in 2022 and beyond, you’re gonna be in a lot of trouble, more and more people, you know, voice searches here, you know, more and more people give your phone to a, to a, someone under 20 and watch how they search.

You know, it, it’s totally different. Behaviours are happening now in the marketplace. It’s got increasingly competitive, more and more people are spending money on digital advertising. I think you know, if you look at the stats in 2008, 2012 Google’s ad spend increased people spending in the network spent increased by about 17 million.

Well last year alone, one year during a pandemic, it increased the 20 billion increased by 20 billion. That’s a lot of money going into the digital, a advertising spend. And that’s not even taking into account Facebook, Instagram, you know, LinkedIn, TikTok, et cetera. You know, the, the way people ha are now doing things is definitely online.

Look as a business, you need to really consider your strategy and where you can win. It must have a mobile first strategy in there and you must be able to find, be findable, searchable, and convertible.

Where you can WIN strategy.

So, so important in 2022, if you don’t have a strategy for that, then, you know, you need to start for thinking about it. You need to start engaging with people because this is where the market is gone. You know, if anything people’s habits were quickened up because of the pandemic and because of the way things changed, you know, you had, we, we had to adapt.

We had to, to move quickly and we have, and habits have been formed and people aren’t going back. So my advice to you is sit down think about your mobile strategy. Think about your search strategy.

Think about your paid advertising strategy.

Are you findable?
Are you searchable?
Are you convertible?

If you want some help with that, we’d love to help you. We’re helping more and more people in the home services space, more and more people in the retail space. We’ve got some really exciting software that we’re using to get a competitive advantage in the marketplace, especially with Google ads. If you want to have a look at that private message me and I’ll show you what we have going on.

I’m gonna be talking more and more about this than the months to come. This is the time to take advantage of a marketplace that is ripe, but it is very, very competitive. Trust me, you can’t do this alone. These days deal with the experts.

That’s my advice.

Okay. if you want to have a chat click the “Want Some Help?” button below .

Have fun and take action. and remember you must be findable, searchable and convertible in 2022.

Scott Wilson

P.S remember you must be findable, searchable and convertible in 2022.

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