What is Marketing That Makes You Money?

What is Marketing That Makes You Money?

What is Marketing That Makes You Money?

Scott believes that the real question is not “What is marketing?” but rather “What is marketing that makes you money?” This distinction is crucial for business success. Marketing is about delivering value, identifying target markets, and using high-quality messaging. It’s a multifaceted process that involves promoting, selling, and distributing products or services.

To succeed in marketing, adopt a growth-focused mindset and prioritise simplicity, profitability, and fun. Engage with your ideal customers to grow mindshare and market share. The formula for profitable marketing is CM + FR.

Consistency of Message (CM): Ensure your marketing is clear, engaging, and memorable. Consider using proven frameworks like the Advertising Amplifier, the Video Influence Method, and the Carlton Cash Creator.

Frequency of Reach (FR): Increase memorability by consistently reaching your audience through content creation and strategic advertising.

Content is a powerful and cost-effective tool that, when repurposed, can have a significant impact. Advertising with purpose, tailored to your ideal customer, is also crucial. Combining compelling content and strategic advertising is the winning combination for maximum impact, ensuring your business stays relevant in the market.”

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