Car Money

Influence Through Video

The Client.

The Objective.

  • Funding restrictions and hard to get finance.
  • Increased fear and pressure for people who had pay cut to 80% due to covid.
  • People have options when it comes to car finance services.
  • Trust needed to be built.
  • Google ads did not have any prior success.

The Solution.

We are started running static and feed ads through Facebook with a broad target. The opportunity to show off what the client was able to provide to potential customers by using a video formula “Here’s what I offer” approach. We  looked into  people’s fear of covid impacts and focused on a target audience within an age group and common interest.







The Results.

By having a clear and effective solution, the results were a true reflection of the significance our strategy had on this campaign. Video formula was used and mapped out a ‘where you can win’ strategy, focused on a target audience, used video to output a clear message to create a connection and transparency with the target audience. Which in turn had a breakthrough with increased facebook comments, questions being asked around Ute finance.

Client Testimonial

Scott, Olivia and Dean are absolutely outstanding. If I didn’t deal with Digital Influence, Car Money would not exist today. They are the difference between lead generation and no leads being generated. As I say, if it weren’t for them, Car Money would not exist. They are everything for my digital media. I record the ads. They make the magic happen end of the story. Sign on with them and get started. Cheers.

- Greg Beaman

Car Money