Business Leadership - A Contact Sport

Snapshot from Business Leadership - A Contact Sport

Business Leadership – A Contact Sport

Scott is back this week interviewing Richard Smith, his former teacher at Papanui High and former high-performance leader at the Crusaders, NZ Cricket, and NZ High Performance.

Now a business owner, Richard shares his insights with Scott on building leaders inside a high-performing business.

Scott enjoyed two subjects at school, Outdoor Education and Physical Education, and lucky enough, Mr Smith happened to be his PE Teacher.

Years down the track, they have reconnected and shared a love of all things mindset, marketing, and business, which they cover in this value-packed episode.

Here is a snapshot of what Scott and Richard cover in this Marketing 4 Business episode:

  • How a “Happenstance” led to High Performance
  • Self Education vs Formal Education
  • Sharing Makes You Sharper 
  • The “Boots On, Games On” Mindset
  • Business Leadership – A Contact Sport

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