Do You Love A Good Successful Marketing Campaign Case Study?

In case you hadn’t noticed, we love to celebrate success. Seeing our clients win is what makes what we do all worth it. With our Direct Response Digital Marketing strategy, and being passionate about our client’s success in their business, the results speak for themselves. 

Be sure to read some of the wins in our case studies below, and discover how we helped these awesome businesses generate new sales from existing and new customers.

Zealand Tattoo: The Messenger Marketing Money Bot

The $73,009 Messenger Marketing Money Bot.

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Car Money: Influence Through Video

Video focused campaign that saw a breakthrough with increased exposure on Facebook.

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Tradestaff: Workwear Afterpay Changes

This campaign generated sales through an increase of exposure for Afterpay availability.

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Little India: Google Ads Campaign

Mapped campaign with mobile first focus for optimal reach and sales growth.

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Kaiser Brew Garden: Birthday Bot

A campaign aimed at expanding the messenger database to boost sales and customer experience.

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Novus glass logo with background

NOVUS GLASS: Trees That Count.

The Chip in with Novus campaign was consumer focused with the opportunity to make a difference.

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“You can’t grow your business if you don’t know how much it costs to get a customer.”

Dean Warwick | Search Marketing Expert | Digital Influence