Little India

Google Ads Campaign

The Client.

Little India is a family-run business. First opened in Dunedin in 1991. Over the years, we grew and there are now Little India restaurants all around the count offering restaurant and takeaway services, cooking legendary Indian food dishes. In order to increase overall sales from advertising through Google Ad spend and to track through website and google analytics to track sales for takeaway services.

The Objective.

  • Prior tracking was not in place in a competitive Indian takeaway market.
  • There was no list of negative keywords in place through google search.
  • People would search for Indian restaurant jobs and this would bring up Little India takeaway.
  • Little India and have the wrong attraction for the desired reach.

The Solution.

We mapped out a campaign around our “where you can win” strategy. We also had a mobile first approach with tracking set up. The 80/20 rule was applied and set a budget to be used at these specific times to amplify reach potential. Furthermore, KPI’s were set up to control ads and use tools to improve performance of ads alongside negative keywords added to google.







The Results.

The clear and structured solutions which we put in place allowed a budget to be used at these times to amplify full reach potential. The 80/20 rule around when most conversations and buying was happening and adding in negative keywords to prevent the ad from coming up in non related searches for Indian takeaway. As a result we saw a conversion rate of 18.53% and $258,746 sales generated from an ad spend of $11,684.


Client Testimonial

Arjun Gill - Little India

“With Digital Influence we just found that they are really easy to work with, they understood our brand well and what we were trying to achieve with getting our message out there, what we do with our food and how we’re a little bit different.”

- Arjun Gill

Little India